AMD’s new Zen CPU and Navi GPU is reportedly being used in the PlayStation V. The first console to use a Zen CPU and Navi GPU will be released this year, with other consoles following suit.The new amd gpu is an AMD’s Zen CPU and Navi GPU which is reportedly being used in PlayStation V. is the source of this image.

AMD’s Navi GPU architecture, according to the newest evidence, was created especially for Sony’s Playstation V. According to a recent Forbes story, the PlayStation V will utilize AMD’s ZEN CPU architecture and Navi as its GPU. This is the second time that the PlayStation V has been reported to use the ZEN CPU, which is most known for its Desktop version.

The case of Navi GPU, on the other hand, may be linked back to Raja Koduri’s time as CEO of Radeon Technologies Group, since it is said that Navi technology was developed for Sony, which many believe was a factor in the VEGA project’s failure. Furthermore, when Navi launches, it will not be aimed at the high-end market.


However, there are too many rumors about this at the present, since it is unclear if AMD will develop a specialized SOC for SONY or separate components. The same is true for Navi, since it is unclear if it will be a discrete or integrated GPU unit, and AMD’s trend has given a great performance-packed GPU that is less power-dependent for both Xbox and PS.

As the days pass, more information regarding this new hardware will become available, and we will be pleased to see it arrive shortly.


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