We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it until we get heard (which is probably never): Critical Role is the best of the best when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons shows. The D&D-based series, which broadcasts on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, is chocked-full of action, adventure, and comedy—and it’s not afraid to trade in the typical tropes of the game.

D&D has a long and storied history, which is due to the rule sets used in the game. But this iteration is right up there with some of the best-loved D&D campaigns of all time, and it’s all thanks to the cool, smart and engaging cast of characters. League of Explorers—a show that premiered in 2016—was a live-action D&D campaign that featured a group of heroes doing their best to stop an evil wizard from taking over the world. From a fantasy series like Walking Dead to a science-fiction show like Westworld to a crime drama like Dexter, all of these shows boast passionate and talented casts.

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special has surpassed its Kickstarter target of $1 Million AUD ($750,000 USD) in only a few hours, and is now sitting at $5.4 Million AUD ($3.8 Million USD).

Critical Role is a weekly live-streamed Dungeons & Dragons game featuring a group of prominent voice actors, who happen to be best friends.


The special animation episode comes after the release of the Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins comic in 2017, as well as a slew of fan-made animated YouTube movies.


This new project is billed as “‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ meets Dungeons & Dragons” has smashed Kickstarter crowdfunding records for a campaign of its size — raising more than $2 million in less than four hours.

The animated special is set to premiere in the autumn of 2020, with Kickstarter backers receiving prizes in May of that year. Contributors are offered a variety of benefits based on their contribution level.


The Critical Role team discusses why they went via Kickstarter to seek funds in the video above.

“Our budget is $750,000, which is much more than any media firm would be willing to risk.”

Originally, Critical Role launched its show in 2015 with Legendary Digital Networks’ Geek & Sundry, before moving to its own studio last summer and officially splitting from Geek & Sundry and Legendary Digital Networks last month.

Critical Role’s new live broadcasts and on-demand replays are only accessible on Critical Role’s own channels.


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