Another new Killer available for Dead By Daylight- THE PIG

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The Pig is a new Killer introduced in Dead by Daylight. This Survivor has an ability to turn into a pig and run around the map, rooting players with its tusks.

The the pig dbd is a new Killer available for Dead By Daylight. This Killer is not yet fully implemented, but it will be soon.

Dead by Daylight is a horror game in which you must flee from a murderer who will track you down and hang you on a hook, preventing you from fleeing. A Killer and a Survivor mode are included in the game. In Survivor mode, you must survive with the help of three other online players, while in Killer mode, you must become the Killer and eliminate all of the survivors.


There are now many kinds of Killers, each with its own set of abilities and tactics for pursuing survivors. Dead by Daylight has recently introduced a new Killer known as THE PIG, who has the ability to sneak up on the survivors and will set a trap for them if she catches them. The Saw Chapter is a new chapter that is presently available for purchase.

The PIG 1

When she crouches, she loses her fear radius, making her stealthy enough to capture a survivor swiftly. Then she will place the timer-controlled trap on the survivor’s head. As soon as the survivor fixes the generator, the timer begins. Then one of two things will happen: -1. the survivor will escape, or 2. the trap will kill him.

The only method to get rid of that trap is to locate the key that can open it, which must be found throughout the game.

PIG’s Weapons

The Trick of the Hangman

The hooks will be safeguarded against irreversible damage, and the PIG will be informed if someone attempts to sabotage the hooks.


This allows the PIG to determine the most recent mending generator based on its aura.

Make your decision.

It aids the PIG in locating the person attempting to rescue a survivor from the Hook. The restriction is that it must be no more than 24 meters away from the PIG.

Another Survivor, David Tapp, has been introduced to the game, who has various skills to survive in every situation and has more bravery than any other survivor. This update was completed on January 23rd, 2018.


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The the pig dbd build is a new Killer available for Dead By Daylight. It is a fast, agile and powerful Killer that excels at speed and agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the pig killer in Dead By Daylight?

The pig killer is a survivor who kills other survivors in the game.

What is the new Dead By Daylight killer?

The new Dead By Daylight killer is called the Wraith.

Who is the next killer in Dead By Daylight mobile?

The next killer in Dead By Daylight mobile is the Nurse.