The Mercury RGB is the latest addition to the line-up of the famed Mercury CPU coolers, which are designed to be quiet, thermally efficient, and extremely reliable. The new coolers are based on the same concept as the stock Intel coolers, with the RGB LED lighting integrated into the aluminum fins.

So we here at just wanted to let you know that we just posted an article about the new Mercury RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Series from ANTEC . The new series will feature the new “Mercury” RGB fan, and will include the following models:

ANTEC has been in the CPU cooler business for a long time. In fact, between their trusted lines of Performance Silent and Pro, the company has been known for making some of the best CPU coolers in the industry. But with the release of their new Mercury RGB Liquid CPU Coolers, ANTEC has taken a leap into a new league, a league that places performance and aesthetics as the top priorities.

ANTEC (established in 1986), a global leader in PC Gaming components (cases, cooling, and power supplies), has recently announced the official introduction of the new Mercury RGB Series (120,240, and 360) AIO CPU Cooling solution, which is backed by an ANTEC 5-year guarantee.

The Bundle

Each member of the Mercury RGB Series comes with PTFE-coated tubing and nylon-braided tube sleeves for added durability. An adapter cable is provided in the box to help with the simple set-up procedure, which entails connecting it into a –Pin motherboard and Serial AT Attachment Power.


The CPU Cooler is built with a carbon-metal framework, non-lubricated graphite bearings, and a long-lasting ceramics axis. The Mercury RGBs have a magnificent Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM) fan with 30 LEDs that can be simply synchronized via the inbuilt RGB or motherboard connector. The fitted pump block LEDs change color depending on the Mercury RGB Cooler’s temperature.

Multiple RGB modes are offered, including flashing, gradient color cycling, single color, and breathing. Engineered to keep your head cool The Mercury RGB CPU Cooler Series is made with high-quality components and has been designed to keep an average CPU cool for up to 40,000 hours.

– The Best CPU Coolers of 2018

A high-performance pump with a high coolant pressure (2.3m water pressure and a flow rate of 3,5I/min) has been installed. It features a three-phase motor and an ultra-silent closed impeller design that guarantees maximum water circulation and a quiet and cool system operation. The fan has also been tweaked to make it quieter. The PTFE-coated tubing is not only durable, but it also has a high temperature resistance.

After extensive testing, the CPU Coolers have been certified to survive at least five years and come with an ANTEC warranty.


The longevity and guarantee of the new ANTEC RGB Cooler are remarkable. It provides a well-polished answer for PC gamers who are experiencing cooling issues; nevertheless, the RGB Cooling arena is a strong competitor for the ANTEC beauty. With competition from Cooler Master, Deepcool, and Corsair (to name a few), the new AIO series may struggle to gain traction owing to the pricing planned for the various models, since there isn’t much that distinguishes it from other RGB AIO Coolers offered at the same price range.

Availability & Price

The Mercury RGB Coolers are available for purchase at the following pricing on Amazon and ANTEC’s online retail platform: Mercury 120 is priced at 81 Euros. Mercury 240 is available for 109 Euros. Mercury 360 is priced at 136 Euros.


Now in it’s third year, ANTEC is celebrating this anniversary by releasing the Mercury RGB series, a collection of three new CPU cooler designs that come in three different colors.. Read more about antec k240 rgb and let us know what you think.


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