Apex Legends has received a new map, Red Crow, which was just tested in a closed beta program. Let’s take a look at its details.

Apex Legends is a new free-to-play FPS game that is developed by Respawn Entertainment. This game has a new spinoff of the story and features a new cast of characters. This game is currently in early access, and a new character, which is said to be “trailer girl” has leaked.

Apex Legends’ first map, which will be called Titan, was leaked overnight by a Reddit user. There isn’t a whole lot known about the map, but some of the major details have been confirmed. The map will be a military theme with the main base being a landing ship for the Titan mech. It will also feature a large river, which is where the mech will be able to get into the battle. The map will be showcased in Apex Legends’ upcoming closed beta: June 17 to 21, with the final closed beta not taking place until June 24.

When EA first announced Apex Legends at the start of this year, most of us hadn’t heard a word about it. This was for the ‘most’ of us, with one Reddit user claiming that he knew the game was coming when he shared an Apex Legends leaked map.

The Redditor, in fact, posted a picture of the map on Reddit over 11 months ago, far ahead of the game’s release date. Everyone, of course, thought that was a load of nonsense and downvoted the post.

While the Apex Legends leaked map had some actual legitimacy back then, the original uploader received some significant down votes on Reddit, according to Polygon. When he published a map to back up his hypothesis in April last year, the Rdditor predicted that a new Battle Royale game akin to Titanfall was on the way.

apex legends leaked map

The issue hiticonic had was that they’d just uploaded a headline and a map, with no further information, which made the conjecture less credible.

One Redditor said, “I truly hope this doesn’t happen,” but then retracted their statement, adding, “I have spent too much time into this game so far, and my bias was extremely incorrect.” There were other comments that essentially said, “IT’S NOT REAL.”

Last year, Raspawn even spotted the Apex Legends Leaked Map.

Respawn Community Manager JayFresh Respawn added his two cents, saying, “Haha, I remember this!” It was reassuring to watch others dismiss it, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, he’ll be able to claim I was correct next year.’

Hiticonic said, “I’ll accept my upvotes now :P” before deleting his own post and urging people to cease giving Reddit Gold.

It’s hardly unexpected that the tables have turned, with some claiming that the Apex Legends Leaked Map was planned or deliberate from the beginning.

“HMMMMMMMM,” Awoo posted in /Apexlegends. I detect deliberate leaks from the development team. “I’ve got you.” as well as the fact that “/u/hiticonic is a mod here,”

Isn’t it amazing how fast some people alter their minds?

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Apex Legends has been up and running for months, but there are still a lot of mysteries about the game. We know where it takes place, who’s behind it, and how to play—but that’s about it. But if you’ve played the game, it’s very possible that you’ve already seen a bunch of the game’s locations and even a few of its major characters.. Read more about nintendo leaked memo and let us know what you think.

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