Art of War: Legions is a fast-paced fantasy strategy card game. It is a standalone expansion for the popular Trading Card Game, “Art of War”. Just like “Art of War”, the Art of War: Legions expansion makes use of real-time strategy (RTS) mechanics, but instead of military units, you will be commanding fantastical creatures, such as dragons, cyclops and more.

Welcome to the Art of War: Legions Guide (AOW:LG), a blog intended to help new players understand the game mechanics and strategies of Art of War: Legions.

Art of War: Legions Guide is a complete guide to the Art of War: Legions card game. It’s the perfect resource for new players to this game. It’s perfect for players who are looking for an introduction to this game. Read on for a complete guide on what Art of War: Legions consists of, how to get started, and all of the information you’ll need to win.

10TP Studio’s Art of War: Legions is a popular strategy game for Android and iOS. Let’s have a look at this Art of War: Legions guide and advice if you’re new to it.

We’ve been playing this game for quite some time, and it’s been fantastic so far. You may personalize the battle formation by putting all kinds of soldiers in it and adding a hero to lead them into battle. It also works while the game is closed – your army will continue to battle opponents and grind gold and gems even if the game is closed. Battle stages/levels, expedition, event, and PvP arena mode are among the game modes available. We’ve prepared a list of gaming tips and techniques for Art of War: Legions that we believe you’ll find helpful. So, without further ado, let’s check out the walkthrough guide!

Guide, Strategy, and Tips & Tricks for Art of War: Legions: –

The material in this guide includes soldiers, heroes, formations, in-game currency, idle rewards, and more.


To fight the enemy, you’ll need soldiers. What’s the best way to get the troops? The soldiers are obtained by purchasing card packs from the store, or by tapping the combat button, which brings you to the battle formation screen, where the cards button is located on the bottom-right side. To acquire the random soldiers, tap it and spend the money. Here is where you can get the most up-to-date information about the finest soldiers.

Troops of Different Types

In the Art of War: Legions game, there are three kinds of soldiers: tank-type troops, structures, and DPS-type troops. What method do you use to determine the troop types? To determine the troop’s kind, you must first examine its profile. To inspect the list of soldiers, press the hero avatar button in the bottom menu and navigate to the troops collecting tab. Check the parameters such as HP, Attack, Defense, and special ability by tapping on the troop card. Tank-type soldiers have strong HP numbers, whereas DPS troops have great attack power. Catapults, ballistas, and other building-type soldiers are available.

Make sure to read the information in the profile carefully. There are certain soldiers that have unique abilities. Consider the case of the phantom assassin. As the fight begins, you’ll see this soldier unit crawling back to the enemy’s rear line and slashing them with lethal swords.


Heroes have both active and passive abilities. Heroes may be obtained via card packs (special card packs in the store that include hero cards) or the shop, much like soldiers. The duplicate card will be utilized in the hero level upgrade if you get it. Hero’s skill performance improves as he levels up. You can view all of the heroes available in Art of War: Legions on the hero collection screen. Tap the hero card to get to their profile page, where you can check out their abilities. Rare heroes, epic heroes, and legendary heroes exist. Here’s where you’ll discover the most up-to-date information about heroes.

Battle Formation Planning

The combat formation is divided into three lines: front-line, mid-line, and rear-line (back-line). Use melee-type or tank soldiers (those with high health numbers – they are excellent at absorbing damage) or wizards on the front lines. In the mid-line, add the DPS-type soldiers — these troops have poor defense but do a lot of damage, thus they must be defended at all costs. Use wizards or more tank-type soldiers on the back line.

  • Front – melee, tank, and mage
  • DPS (middle)
  • Tank/mages in the back

For various opponents, you may try different combos. If you want greater offensive, for example, choose melee attackers or ranged-DPS soldiers. Surround the attackers with tank units for further protection.

Increasing Your Strength

To conquer the upper levels, you’ll need to beef up your soldiers. How do you bolster the soldiers’ morale? By raising their level. You may receive a troop card that you already possess from the card packs. On the battle formation editing screen, these duplicate soldiers may be united. All you have to do is pull the soldiers from one place to another (should be of the same type and level). 1-star Iron Guard Plus 1-star Iron Guard, for example, becomes 2-star Iron Guard.

Every six hours, get Idle Rewards.

While you are offline, your tour troop continues to fight in the battle and grind money for you. For x6 hours, they will earn money and gems. You wouldn’t be able to earn anything after that. So be sure to claim your idle profits by collecting the idle treasure on the fight screen. As you go through the stages, the prize amount rises.

Arena Mode is a game mode that allows you to

You compete with other players in this game. On the screen for this mode, you may build up the arena defense. Victories will award you trophies, honor medals, coins, and other items. Seasonal prizes and rankings may be earned by playing this mode.


You work your way through the book chapter by chapter. Each chapter has a set number of increasingly tough levels. This game mode allows you to earn keys, cards, and gems. You must achieve a specific level to access chapters. For example, chapter 2 necessitates a level of 200. The current level may be found by tapping the combat button on the main screen.


Every day, it is refreshed, and you may grind coins here.

That concludes our Art of War: Legions beginner’s tutorial and suggestions. Do you have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment below.

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Want to get yourself acquainted with the Art of War: Legions? This is a type of strategy game, where you play as a general and lead an army to conquer territories, where you can use the terrain to your advantage or defeat your enemy. You can choose from two different scenarios, the “base scenario” and the “campaign scenario”.. Read more about art of war legions cheat codes and let us know what you think.

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You can find the answer to this question in our FAQ.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I increase my army in Art of War?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are a few ways to increase your army. The first way is to use the Create Army button in the game. This will create an army for you and give you a random rank and name, but it will not be permanent. You can also buy armies from the shop using gems or gold coins.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you level up in Art of War?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can level up by playing the game and completing quests.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat Art of War Legion?

You can find the answer to this question in our FAQ.

How do I increase my army in Art of War?

There are a few ways to increase your army. The first way is to use the Create Army button in the game. This will create an army for you and give you a random rank and name, but it will not be permanent. You can also buy armies from the shop using gems or gold coins.

How do you level up in Art of War?

You can level up by playing the game and completing quests.


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