ASRock has released a new series of motherboards for Intel 9th Gen processors. These boards are the first to support the Intel Optane memory technology, which is said to bring PC gaming performance to a whole new level.

ASRock has released the asrock z390 phantom gaming 4 motherboard for Intel 9th Gen processors. This motherboard supports up to 44 PCIe 3.0 lanes, 8 SATA III ports, and USB 3.1 Gen 2 support.

5 October 2018, Taipei, Taiwan: ASRock, a well-known motherboard maker, has launched a new range of motherboards for Intel 9th Generation CPUs using the Z390 chipset. The Phantom Gaming series includes these motherboards.


Fast-paced gameplay

The Z390 chipset motherboards will provide a rapid 2.5Gbps LAN speed, which will surpass the current standard 1Gbps LAN speed. This should assist with gaming and other tasks that need high-speed internet. “ASRock’s Phantom Gaming network software can automatically accelerate essential gaming network traffic ahead of other data to offer smoother, stutter-free game performance and give gamers the ultimate competitive advantage,” according to ASRock.

VRM with a punch

The VRM is arguably the most essential component of a motherboard for improved stability, and ASRock has increased the number of power phases in the VRM to 12 to assist the Intel 9th generation CPUs stay stable when overclocked. Users should be able to obtain improved productivity and gaming outcomes as a consequence of this.

Additional Features

ASRock Z390 chipset motherboards will also have USB 3.1 Type-C, vivid Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 5 sound, brilliant Polychrome SYNC full-color RGB LED control, and full coverage M.2 heatsinks, all of which should provide you with the finest in the market.

The Phantom Gaming range includes six motherboards, five of which are Full-ATX and one of which is Mini-ITX. The Taichi series now has two additional motherboards using the Z390 chipset.

ASRock Z390 chipset Taichi


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The asrock z390 phantom gaming 4 manual is a motherboard that has been released by ASRock. It features the Z390 chipset and the 9th Gen Intel processors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Z390 work with 9th gen?

Z390 is a motherboard that works with 9th gen, but it does not work with 8th gen.

What motherboards are compatible with 9th Gen Intel?

The following motherboards are compatible with 9th Gen Intel processors:

Which motherboard is best for 9th gen?

The motherboard is the most important component in your computer. Its what connects all of the other parts together and allows them to communicate with each other. A good motherboard will be able to provide enough power for your processor, RAM, storage devices, and any other components you might have installed.


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