Asus has announced that its newest motherboard, the Rog Strix X470-I, will be getting an HDMI port. This is a welcome addition for gamers who want to connect their PC to their TV or monitor.

The asus rog strix x470-i manual is a new motherboard that has an HDMI port.

With the release of Raven Ridge CPUs, a need for X470 chipset motherboards arose. We’ve seen many Asus X470 motherboard leaks recently, and now there’s another one in the Mini-ITX form size. Of course, there will be individuals who want a small machine, and AMD has less choices for them than Intel.

Asus has supplied the answer this time, albeit with a little twist. The Asus Rog Strix X470-I now has an HDMI connection, which was previously unavailable on the X370 chipset since Ryzen 1000 CPUs required a separate graphics card to provide a display. Because Raven Ridge processors, such as the AMD 2000 series APUs (Ryzen 2200G and Ryzen 2400G), include both the CPU and the Gon on the same chip, a display output port is required to obtain a display without a graphics card. An HDMI port should enough, and given the Mini-ITX form size, you can’t expect 3-4 connectors to serve the same function.


VideoCardz obtained images of a new motherboard that has yet to be released, showing the HDMI port from the side. Except for a few small differences that are unimportant to anybody, the X370-I and X470-I have a lot in common. The board also has RGB lights and an M.2 SSD cover. It includes built-in wifi, as do other higher-end Mini-ITX motherboards, as well as a single PCI-Ex 16 slot for a graphics card.

Asus Rog Strix X470-I 1


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The asus rog strix x470-i bios update is a feature that Asus has recently added to their motherboard. It allows users to connect an HDMI port on the motherboard, which will be useful for people who use high-quality monitors.


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