The Australian Strongest Man, Patrick “Big Pat” Sandilands, has won the 2018 World’s Strongest Man competition, taking home the crown for the fifth time in his career.

What does it take to be the strongest man in the world? Well, it’s not easy. If you’re 120kg (265 lbs) and can pull a car, you’ll do fine. But to pull a giant 8-tonne tank, you’ll need to have the right training. And so that’s just what Nathan Norris, Australia’s strongest man, did earlier this week.

In Australia, the world champion of the Strongest Man competition is Rob Waddell. He has pulled an eight-tonne tank.

Eddie Williams of the Central Coast, New South Wales, has won the ‘World of Tanks PC Tank Pull’ at the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia in Melbourne in front of a huge audience, which included proud tank owner Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To commemorate the impending release of World of Tanks 1.0, eleven of the world’s strongest men were challenged to pull an eight-tonne FV102 Striker tank over a ten-meter distance and establish a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSTM title for Fastest time to pull a tank over ten meters.

Williams, 27, pulled the tank 10 metres in 36.65 seconds, potentially establishing a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title*, with Trey Mitchell of the United States finishing in second in 46.16 seconds.


“I really wanted it,” Williams remarked after the event. “Now I can brag about winning the world’s first-ever tank pull,” Eddie remarked.

“Today we saw the real strength of the tank with the world’s strongest soldiers put to the test,” stated Alexander de Giorgio, Regional Publishing Director for World of Tanks. We hope that World of Tanks PC enthusiasts are anticipating the release of 1.0 later this month.”


The fourth of six events in the professional strongman tournament was the ‘World of Tanks PC Tank Pull.’

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*The record is presently being verified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.


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