As you may know, the Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta has been extended for a little bit longer. This extension will be provided by Bandai Namco to ensure that the game runs properly. The Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta will now end on July 7, 2018. The Open Beta invited more players to the game and has been gaining a lot of popularity. Fans of the game have been enjoying playing it on PC.

When the Dragon Ball Fighter Z open beta began on January 26, it was a mess. Most players were unable to log in or connect to the servers, and the ones who did were met with a myriad of errors. Now, Bandai Namco seems to have resolved the issues, so the game could be playable again today. While the game has been completely unstable for quite some time, the open beta was supposed to be a bit of a test run for the game. Apparently, the game was not ready for prime time.

Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ fighting game shifted its open beta from a four-day test to a full week. This was done to give players a chance to learn all of the game’s systems, which is an important part of the beta process. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco’s decision to extend the open beta came at the cost of some players’ Internet connections, reports Tech Times.. Read more about fighterz and let us know what you think.

The Open Beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available, however it isn’t running as well as it could. Since it was made public for PS4 and Xbox One users, the beta phase has been hampered by connection problems and lengthy wait periods between matches. I’ve been having trouble with the game as well. I couldn’t find a single online match, and I was continually kicked off the servers. I finally made the decision to call it a day till everything calmed down. 

Namco Bandai acknowledged the test’s network problems on Facebook and Twitter, indicating that the beta may be extended.

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