There are lots of people who decide to join online gambling by way of crypto casinos rather than go through regular online casinos. Crypto investors usually do that as a way to utilize their savings. Not only is it entertaining, but it can also be beneficial (you shouldn’t treat it as a reliable revenue source, though).

Even if you’re familiar with the business of online gambling in general, you might want to read this material. Crypto platforms are different than your regular online gambling houses. It’s not terribly different, but there is a certain system you need to follow. Regardless, here is a detailed guide on how to approach these casinos if you want to play a bitcoin dice game, for instance.

Finding a Casino

There are thousands of such websites all over the Internet. Unless you have a solid plan or some instruction on how to better sample such platforms, you basically need to select a few big casinos and decide which of them seems more pleasant to you, subjectively speaking.

Creating an Account

The process of registration isn’t that tricky on such websites. It’s pretty basic, and they often offer shortcuts, like ‘one-click registration’ through one of your social media accounts. But generally, that’s what you’ll need to submit/create at this stage:

  • Full name;
  • Phone number;
  • Active email address;
  • Password;
  • Preferred currency;
  • Login (possibly).

These are the usual piece of information you may need while creating an account, one way or another. They may not be in the same registration method (there are very often different methods). In fact, you can typically choose a casino-howto method you like, which is outstanding.


Verification is a usual stage at such establishments. Crypto gambling does it on a less regular basis and less obtrusively, but it’s still there often enough.

It essentially is an additional step in creating your presence on a website. They ask for personal information that can identify your person. They don’t ask for as many details as they could, and sometimes they don’t even do that. The Crypto community is famous for its spirit of freedom, which means excessive obtrusiveness can disappoint a lot of folks.

You can’t interact with most features on the website until you go through this process. With regular online casinos, it can take a long time (weeks, sometimes months). Here, it’s a lot friendlier. They don’t care about verifying you that much, more often than not.


To place bets, you obviously need to have money on hand. And for that, you need to deposit some of it. It means coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. It’s easy enough – you can simply connect your crypto wallet to a platform and then make a simple transfer to this system.

Placing Bets

To place a bet, you need money on your casino balance. Then, find a crypto game that supports this currency and just play it. The rules can differ, and there are countless game genres – slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. There are also wide varieties that support various currencies – you can find a BCH casino, an ETH casino, and so forth.

Slots would be an ideal start for a beginner. A lot of people play it, there are lots of different slot varieties for different tastes, and you can find lots of guides online on how to better play this game.

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To withdraw your remaining funds from the platform, you’ll need to do a similar thing you do with the deposit, a transfer to your wallet. The details may be a bit different, but that’s all it takes.


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