PC gaming is a great hobby, but can also be a very expensive one. Since most gamers are looking for a good keyboard to go along with their gaming rig, it’s hard to find a keyboard that is affordable and yet great. You can easily spend over 200 dollars on a gaming keyboard since these devices are not meant to be used just for gaming. We’ve put together this article for you to help you find a good gaming keyboard that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Want to buy a gaming keyboard for a realistic price? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. We have checked the best gaming keyboards out there and picked out the best products for you to enjoy.

If you are looking for a cheap gaming keyboard, then you are in the right place. While there are many expensive keyboards that have all the features you are looking for, they are very expensive. If you are looking for a cheap gaming keyboard, you have come to the right place. We have selected the best keyboards that are suitable for both home and office use.

When it comes to graphics cards, we become extremely enthusiastic since they are our favorite computer component, but when it comes to peripherals like mice and keyboards, we don’t always pay attention. I don’t blame anybody for this, but if you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard under $100, you’ll want to take your gaming experience to the next level by not just seeing the animation on your display, but also experiencing the games with your hands.

I spent a lot of time playing with a basic keyboard mouse combination, which was my mistake, but I’ve been using mechanical keyboards for the same purpose for the last several years, and there’s a big difference between a regular keyboard and a gaming/mechanical keyboard. You like hitting the keys and seeing the LEDs shine, and these keyboards are visually attractive. Not only that, but they are also more dependable and last longer. This is why you need invest on a gaming/mechanical keyboard; else, you will totally destroy your gaming experience.


But don’t worry, I’ve put together a list of the best 9 gaming keyboards under $100 that include the most recent models on the market. I’ve ordered the keyboards in ascending order of price. The cheapest keyboard is at the top, while the most costly one is at the bottom, costing about $100. Take your time to read each of the short evaluations before making your decision. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments area. It is my responsibility to respond to your inquiries.

Mechanical Keyboard EagleTec KG011

Price on Amazon.com

EagleTec is a tiny business compared to Corsair, Cooler Master, or Razer, yet it is a strong competitor at a cheaper price. It has created a fantastic mechanical keyboard for around $50, which is hard to get with a major brand. So, if you don’t have a lot of money but still want to feel like you’re using mechanical keys, here’s the best choice, which is used by millions of people and has over 1000 good ratings.

The keyboard’s body is composed of Aircraft Silver grade aluminum and is constructed of white ABS. To put it another way, the top of the keyboard is constructed of aluminium, while the remainder of the keyboard is composed of high-quality white plastic. This gives it a very attractive appearance, similar to a brushed aluminum body that is reliable and strong. I’m overjoyed that a business has done such an excellent job at such a low cost, making it accessible to a large number of gamers looking for both aesthetics and performance.

It has proprietary mechanical switches that are not the same as the Cherry MX switches seen on high-end keyboards, but they are still suitable for entry-level work. On this keyboard, you’ll find blue switches that create a clicky sound. Because this is a mechanical keyboard, it has an Anti-Ghosting function, which is critical for games. You’ll be able to hit several keys at once and have all of them recorded, which isn’t possible with a membrane keyboard. The keycaps are also of excellent quality; they are not of the highest grade, but they do include a spill-resistance function that prevents the average spill of water from entering the keyboard.

The keyboard’s LED is blue, and when combined with the white keycaps, it feels extremely comfortable and creates a really brilliant overall motif. If you desire RGB illumination, you’re in luck since it comes in many variants with various LED lighting effects such as Static, Rainbow, and RGB. If you don’t like the single color LED illumination, the RGB version of this keyboard is available for $50.

If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before and want to get started with something affordable and functional, this is the one to get.

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NEON K51B RGB Backlit LED Mechanical Keyboard by ROSEWILL

Price on Amazon.com

ROSEWILL RGB Backlit LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This one is the same price as the EagleTec KG011, but it has RGB lighting that adds to its appeal. Obviously, this keyboard has certain limits and benefits over the KG011, but at $40, it’s a decent place to start for budget gamers. You may assume it’s a real mechanical keyboard based on the name, but it’s not. It’s a membrane mechanical feel keyboard with membrane keys that have a mechanical feel to them. It’s just not feasible to get everything for $40, but it’s certainly less expensive than some of the membrane keyboards offered by larger companies, and you don’t need a large branded keyboard to get started.

It has hybrid mem-chanical key switches that give a clicky sensation and a 19-key Anti-Ghosting function, among other things. This means you may press 19 different keys at the same time and they will all be recorded. As a result, you’ll have the upper hand when it comes to basic membrane keyboards. Games like Tekken, which need you to hit several keys at the same time, will allow you to fully use this functionality.

Its body is constructed of plastic and does not have a particularly premium feel to it, but it is certainly dependable. You’re not going to play baseball with it, anyhow. The keyboard weighs around 2.39 pounds and has a removable wrist rest, which is a great feature. This function is only found on high-end mechanical keyboards, and for $40, Rosewill has given excellent value for money.

You’ll have 8 RGB lighting effects to choose from, which you may modify using the number keys. Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Breathing, Wave, Static, Spectrum, Personalize, and Ripple are the ones to look for. They may all be accessed with the number keys from 1 to 8. If you wish to match your setup theme to anything other than black, this keyboard is also available in white. Overall, for $40, this is a pretty good keyboard.

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Mechanical Rottay RGB Keyboard (BEST BUDGET MECH KEYBOARD)

Price on Amazon.com

Rottay RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Rottay RGB mechanical keyboard is the ideal cheap keyboard, with all of the features you’re looking for. From the RGB lights to the haptic sensation. It has brown mechanical switches, which are quieter than blue switches and allow for quicker typing. Even still, hitting the keys makes you feel extremely wonderful. These switches are so tough that each one may withstand up to 50 million keystrokes, making them a great option for dependability.

The keyboard’s body is constructed of a double-layer ABS plastic body that is extremely durable, with a brushed aluminum finish on top to make it seem clean and beautiful from the outside. This is the kind of keyboard that I like. From the exterior, it should be robust and appealing, and this keyboard has both of these qualities. The keys are also concave, making it difficult for your fingertips to slide away from the keys you’re pressing.

However, this keyboard is only available in one color: white. There are no additional options, such as black or blue. As a result, it will get dirtier than the black ones. In terms of design, it has RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors that you can customize to your liking. By hitting Fn+Ins, you can activate 13 dynamic backlighting modes, 9 sets of lighting colors by pressing Fn+Del, and 5 sets of lighting modes by pressing Fn+15. So, at $60, it’s a very amazing keyboard with a lot of customizability that we haven’t seen in the other keyboards.

It also has Anti-Ghosting technology with 104 key rollover, which ensures that when you press several keys at the same time, they will all be recorded. Even if you push every key on it, it will record them all without any conflicts. It’s a must-have feature for any mechanical keyboard, and you won’t be disappointed with this one since I can’t think of any major drawbacks, apart from the fact that it’s only available in one color.

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DREVO Calibur RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard with 71 keys

Price on Amazon.com

DREVO Calibur 71-Key RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard

What could be better than the Drevo Calibur mechanical keyboard, which has both Bluetooth and cable USB connections for more mobility and compatibility? There is no better choice for 60 dollars if you want to work wirelessly for many hours or carry it with your laptop to different locations. If your battery is running low, just connect it to your computer via USB connection and you’re good to go.

This keyboard is best for individuals with limited space or who don’t want their keyboards to take up too much room on their workstations. It has 71 keys as opposed to the 104 keys on a standard keyboard and is 16.3 x 4.6 x 1.7 inches in size. This keyboard utilizes Brown mechanical switches, which should provide a more tactile feel with less noise than blue switches, but if you want to press the keys with greater force, Black switches are also available. If you don’t like white, the keyboard is also available in black, and all of these variants feature RGB backlighting with 7 distinct lighting effects such as Ripple, Wave, Aurora, Reactive, and so on, allowing you to experience a variety of effects.

The keyboard has an inbuilt battery that allows it to operate wirelessly for 20 hours on a single charge, which is almost a full day of continuous usage. The keys and the body are well-made, particularly the PBT keycaps, which are featured on high-end keyboards and have an Anti-Ghosting function. Each key is expected to last about 50 million presses on average, which is much better than a membrane keyboard. So, if you want to perform both gaming and basic work everywhere you go, I would recommend buying this one.

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K556-RK RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard by Redragon

Price on Amazon.com

Redragon K556-RK RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I can’t take my gaze away from this keyboard whenever I see it. Redragon makes some of the finest affordable peripherals, and I’ve been using their goods like the Redragon K553 and M601 gaming mice for over a year and haven’t been disappointed. This one is built in a Retro Vintage style, with concave round keycaps that offer comfort while maintaining the Vintage appearance. This alone distinguishes it from the competition and makes it simple to use, since the space between the keys is sufficient to prevent mistyping.

In contrast to the plastic bodies found in most keyboards, the body of this keyboard is constructed of metal, which is very durable. It has a nice matte-finish texture that appears like brushed aluminum and is also scratch resistant, and it has a retro aesthetic. The keyboard is spill-proof, having three drain holes at the bottom to let water drain if it falls on it by mistake.

It employs mechanical brown switches that are quiet and have a lifetime of approximately 50 million keystrokes per key. With the assistance of a tool, you can simply remove the keycaps and clean them. Redragon includes an extra set of 8 switches that you can swap out if you have a problem. It has RGB LED illumination with 15 illuminated settings and can be configured with the FN key, much like other keyboards. What is the price? A reasonable price for a distinctive appearance with a sturdy metal body is around $70.

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Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard by Razer

Price on Amazon.com

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate mechanical gaming keyboard

Razer is one of the finest peripherals companies, having dominated the gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset markets. In 2016, Razer released the Blackwidow Ultimate, a popular mechanical keyboard. Because Razer has a well-known green logo, most of its products, like the Razer Deathadder Elite, use green as a main color for illumination. This one also has Green as its main color backlighting, however there is an RGB version that is considerably more costly and does not have the Numpad.

Green switches were utilized on this keyboard, which are neither Cherry MX or Kailh switches. They will, however, operate in a similar manner as the Cherry MX Blue switches, with a satisfying bump and loud click. Because Razer green switches are exclusive to Razer keyboards, there are a few things you should know about them. The actuation point of Razer Green switches is 1.9mm, compared to 2.2mm for Cherry MX Blue switches. Although both make a clicky sound, the Razer Green switches are somewhat smoother. They also have a stroke life of 80 million, which is an increase of 30 million.

The keys are concave for excellent ergonomics, and the body of BlackWidow Ultimate is textured for scratch resistance. The keyboard has a 10-key roll-over anti-ghosting function, which is less than contemporary mechanical keyboards since it wasn’t required as much back then. It’s still not a huge deal since you only have ten fingers and can’t push much more than that unless you use your palm. There are six different backlighting effects to select from: Static, Breathe, Starlight, Ripple, Reactive, and Wave.

Well, there’s more to this keyboard than meets the eye. There includes a USB pass-through for improved wire management, as well as Audio-out/Mic-in Jacks for quick access to your headset. It also has a Gaming mode option, which allows you to deactivate the Windows key to avoid inadvertently hitting it while playing a game. Many keyboards now include this function, however you may modify it to your liking and use it to deactivate the Alt-Tab and Alt-F4 keys. This keyboard will set you back $80 and will be a fantastic investment.

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Apex M500 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard by SteelSeries

Price on Amazon.com

SteelSeries Apex M500 Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries is without a doubt one of the best peripheral makers, with a wide range of mouse, keyboards, and headsets. The SteelSeries Apex M500 mechanical keyboard was released in 2016 and has remained popular to this day due to its combination of excellent features and ease of use. The keyboard is black in color and has black keycaps manufactured of high-quality plastic. It has a steel backplate and an extremely robust plastic body that can resist everything.

Cherry MX Red switches are used on the keyboard, and they are among the finest in the business. Because I use a keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches, I can say without a doubt that they function perfectly. Each key is expected to last 50 million keystrokes and may be programmed using the SteelSeries Engine software. This program is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to manage all of your SteelSeries peripherals from an one location.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cherry MX’s Red Switches, let me to give you a quick overview. These are quiet switches that need very little effort and do not produce the same noise as the Blue Switches. They are also extremely simple to press since their working actuation point is 2mm, despite the fact that the keys may be pushed up to 4mm. Because the amount of force needed is so little (45cN), these switches are very quick for typing. The Apex M500 has 104 key rollover and 24 key Anti-Ghosting technology, which is a common yet important feature in mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard, on the other hand, has just one flaw. Because it’s made by a well-known company, there is one drawback: the backlighting. Unlike several of the keyboards I listed above, which include RGB illumination, the keyboard just has one color LED backlighting, which is Blue. Even so, you’ll find real mechanical switches here, which are much superior than anything else. As a result, you must make a sacrifice in one area, which should be no issue for the majority of individuals if performance and dependability are the top priorities. In any case, similar to the Razer keyboard I mentioned before, you can modify the lighting effects of this keyboard using software.

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RIPJAWS KM780 MX Mechanical Keyboard by G.SKILL

Price on Amazon.com

G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780 MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Many things must be stated in order to describe the characteristics of this motherboard, which I will do so in as short a manner as possible to provide an overview. This keyboard is a beast, with a sporty style that gamers prefer over standard mechanical keyboards. For some, a simple design is sufficient, while for others, a sporty design is what completes their entire setup. This keyboard is badass not only in terms of looks, but also in terms of the material quality utilized in its construction.

The body is constructed of military-grade brushed aluminum with a black anodized finish. The keyboard’s robustness allows it to withstand severe circumstances, making it very dependable. The keyboard also has a mouse cable holder, which makes it easier to organize the wires on your keyboard or mouse. It also includes a removable wrist rest that makes working more comfortable for long periods of time. A USB connection and Audio, Mic jacks are also included for quick access to headsets and USB devices.

It features Cherry MX blue switches in the main portion, which are tactile switches with a clicky sensation. When you hit these keys, they produce a clicky noise and need a bit more effort than the Red switches. Each key has a 50 million keystroke average lifetime, and each one has its own lighting that you can configure using the G.Skill program. This keyboard’s Anti-Ghosting has N-Key rollover technology, which ensures that no matter how many keys you press, they’ll all be recorded. When we look at its backlighting function, we can see that it only has one color: RED. The RGB version is much more expensive than $100. If you purchase this, you’ll have to choose only one color.

This keyboard also has a number of extra keys for further customization. There are a total of 6 macro keys that may be utilized in various games that need you to hit several keys at once. This makes it tough to execute a maneuver perfectly every time. As a result, this is a useful feature that allows you to profit from macro keys without having to use any other key. The multimedia buttons on the upper right side of the keyboard include a volume rollover and an LED display that shows the volume setting. Three specialized keys for saving profiles are located on the left-hand top side and may be used for various games.

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Mechanical Keyboard CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE

Price on Amazon.com

CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is definitely the finest and my favorite peripherals manufacturer. I’ve been using its gaming mouse and keyboard for quite some time now, and I can confidently state that the material quality used by Corsair is better to all others, at least in my view. The K70 Rapidfire, which is designed specifically for fast-paced gaming, is one of Corsair’s most popular keyboards under $100. It was given the moniker “Rapidfire” because of this.

The Cherry MX switches utilized in it are very sensitive, and when pushed, they activate at 1.2mm. These are Cherry MX Speed switches, which fall in between Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown. These are neither too loud nor too quiet, yet they are rapid enough to allow you to compose an essay quickly. Although the mistake rate will be higher because when the keys do not need much force, inadvertently pressing them would record the keys. As a result, be ready for precision.

This keyboard’s body is constructed of brushed aluminum from top to bottom, giving it a scratch-free appearance, and it has a wrist rest, which is a necessity for a $100 keyboard. The keycaps are made of high-quality plastic, and extra grey-colored keycaps are included for FPS and MOBA games. Except for the spacebar, which has textured keycaps, all of the keys are plain, much as the Corsair K63, which I used to write this post. At the top-right, you’ll find the multi-media keys, as well as the brightness and Windows Lock keys. These extra keys are included in the majority of Corsair’s premium keyboards.

The keyboard has 100% anti-ghosting technology, N-Key rollover, and a USB connector for connecting USB devices. In terms of backlighting, it only comes in one color: RED, with various lighting effects controlled by CUE software, which can manage several Corsair devices simultaneously. For $100, this is an excellent option for people who need rapid performance and need to do their tasks swiftly. It is, however, very prone to mistakes.

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There are a plethora of keyboards on the market, some of which are quite expensive. Then there are the cheap keyboards. They’re the ones that you grab when you’re on the go, and leave behind when you return home. Why do you think they’re cheap? They’re not quality keyboards. They’re just low-cost keyboards. This is where the g15 comes in. It’s a low-cost mechanical keyboard with a variety of features that you won’t find on low-cost keyboards that cost upwards of $50. It’s a mechanical keyboard built for all types of gamers, from casual to hardcore.. Read more about best gaming keyboard under $100 reddit and let us know what you think.

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The best gaming keyboard for the money is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best gaming keyboard for 50 dollars?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best gaming keyboard for 50 dollars is the Razer BlackWidow X.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good 100 dollar keyboard?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is the best gaming keyboard for the money?

The best gaming keyboard for the money is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.

What is the best gaming keyboard for 50 dollars?

The best gaming keyboard for 50 dollars is the Razer BlackWidow X.


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