The gaming industry is booming, and the demand for mid-tower cases has increased significantly. You can find a wide variety of options in this price range, but which one should you choose?

The pc cases with usb 3.2 gen 2 is a best mid-tower case that can be found under Rs 3000 in 2020.

Most of us are familiar with the quality of mid-tower cases from well-known manufacturers such as Cooler Master, Corsair, Thermaltake, and NZXT. The only thing keeping us from purchasing such cases is a lack of funds. In general, a decent mid-tower case from these manufacturers would cost at least Rs 5000 and easily go up to Rs 20,000, which is crazy given that most of us only have the money to construct a budget Gaming PC that costs between Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000.


Yes, there are fanatics, but they don’t need assistance in selecting the finest case under Rs 3000 since they can afford a high-end mid-tower case. This post is intended for gamers looking for the best of both looks and usefulness in a case that costs less than Rs 3000. A Rs 3000 case may seem to be a bad decision, but there are now so many excellent choices available online that selecting one will be tough. The majority of them have little variations here and there, but they will be the most important when you begin constructing your PC.

This is where I recommend reading evaluations of what I think you should look for when selecting a mid-tower case to avoid making the same errors I made when I first began building my own gaming systems. If you want more information, you can watch my Hindi video below and make your decision from there. However, I recommend that you also look at the recommendations in this list because the video will be available for a while but the article will change frequently based on the options available online, particularly on


Top 5 Mid-Tower Cases for less than Rs 3000

Check Amazon for the best price on CHIPTRONEX Spline RGB. 


Chiptronex Spline RGB mid-tower case offers certain quality features that no other case under Rs 3000 can match. A large motherboard tray cutout and a GPU mount are included. Although the GPU bracket is optional, it demonstrates that the designer designed it with the intention of allowing you to create a powerful gaming system in it utilizing a powerful graphics card.

Graphics cards tend to droop owing to weight if they have a large heatsink and many fans. The motherboard tray cutout in it demonstrates how similar it is to the Phanteks P400, as does the cable management system. While the P400 is more costly, it also includes some high-quality content not included in the Spline RGB, which is quite acceptable given its price.

This case also has an RGB LED strip on the front panel, as well as a vented space for air intake on 30% of the screen. The case also has a pre-installed RGB fan at the back, as well as room for two 120mm fans at the top and three 120mm fans at the front. A 4mm tempered glass panel is fastened by thumbscrews for aesthetics, and a complete PSU shroud covers all of your unneeded wires, power supply, and hard drives.

It has enough back clearance for cable management, which is essential for a neat and tidy PC build, and I recommend that if you have Rs 3000 in your pocket, you go for this case; however, if you are really strapped for cash, I recommend looking at the cases listed below, which will save you a couple of hundred rupees.

What Is Beneficial

  • For less than Rs 3000, the finest design and functionality are available.
  • With LED RGB lights and a pre-installed RGB fan, the looks are fantastic.
  • Front airflow is optimal, with a 30% ventilated area.
  • On the motherboard tray, there is a large enough cutout for installing a CPU cooler.
  • Similar to the Phanteks P400 in terms of cable routing holes and design.
  • tempered glass panel on the side

Check Amazon for the Antec NX230 NX Series. 

Antec NX230 NX Series

Unlike the other unpopular companies on the list, Antec is well ahead of the competition when it comes to creating budget cases, and the NX230 NX is a perfect example of what a Rs 3000 case should be. It not only fits all of your components, including towering CPU coolers up to 160mm tall and large graphics cards up to 300mm long, but it is also extremely compact.

The case features a large motherboard tray cutout that allows you to add custom CPU coolers without having to remove your motherboard, as well as routing holes in strategic locations. The sole criticism is that the routing holes should have been larger. Two top routing holes, which are required for connecting the EPS connector cable and attaching chassis fans from other sides if your motherboard has two or more fan headers at the top right, are not present in every inexpensive mid-tower case.

It features an RGB LED strip on the front, as well as a well-ventilated half-front panel that will blow a lot of cool air within if two or more 120mm fans are installed. For a balanced airflow system, a non-LED fan is pre-installed at the back, and you may add up to two additional 120mm fans at the top.

– How to cool a heated graphics card in 6 simple steps

What Is Beneficial

  • The vented front panel allows for plenty of ventilation.
  • Front-facing RGB LED strip
  • Large motherboard tray cutout for simple CPU cooler installation
  • Cutouts at strategic locations for cable routing
  • There’s enough space in the rear for cable management.

What it isn’t

  • There is no tempered glass on the side panel, just an acrylic panel.
  • There is no RGB or LED fan pre-installed.

Check Amazon for the best price on BBC-8867 Gaming. 


I recommend this BBC-8867 Gaming mid-tower chassis for huge airflow and to prevent any potential overheating problems. It includes a highly vented front panel with ventilation on both the front and sides. This ensures that even in very hot summers, if you add fans at the front that are not included with the case, your system will run cooler.

The casing has an easy-to-handle acrylic side panel that is fastened with thumbscrews. From the interior, it offers ample room for lengthy graphics cards and towering CPU coolers, as well as a handful of cable routing holes in strategic locations for simple cable management. It, too, offers excellent clearance when compared to other mid-tower chassis around Rs 3000, and it can be tied together at the rear with a zip tie for a tidy construction. You may learn how to do it correctly by consulting our cable management guide.

On the day of writing, this case would set you back about Rs 2400 and will be perfect for a budget gaming build in terms of utility and looks. This case offers the greatest airflow capabilities of all the cases on the list, but keep in mind that your overall cost will go up since you’ll have to purchase fans separately. There’s one more big CON that I think has an impact on cooling. It’s because there’s no fan slot at the top. While the rear fan will suffice for dispersing the majority of the hot air produced inside, it will not be as efficient at expelling hot air as the other cases on this list, but I still believe it to be one of the best airflow cases around Rs 3000.

What Is Beneficial

  • For less than Rs 3000, one of the finest airflow cases is available.
  • With the right cooling system, it’s possible to cool even the most high-end components.
  • Enough front clearance to install radiators

What it isn’t

  • There are no pre-installed fans.
  • There isn’t a fan space at the top.
  • Panel of acrylic glass

Check Amazon for the Ant Esports ICE-200TG. 


The Ant Esports ICE-200TG has hundreds of excellent ratings on and is well worth your money for around Rs 3000. The casing has a really appealing appearance, with two RGB LED strips on the front that create a nice design, as well as a zigzag pattern in the middle. The front panel has ventilation on the sides but can’t take cold air inside directly from the front, thus airflow will be lower than the BBC-8867 but still enough if you use a custom CPU cooler and one or two front fans, and much better if you add two or at least one fan on the top for exhaust.

A full-length PSU shroud hides your power supply, connections, and hard drives, as well. You can also put two SSDs in the rear, and there are plenty of routing holes to keep your wires organized. However, I believe the case lacks the cable routing hole on the top left side of the case, which is available in the Chiptronex Spline RGB case, from which you can attach the EPS connection on your motherboard. It’s essential for a clean construction, as well as the fact that many cheap power supply don’t have sufficiently lengthy EPS wire to go diagonally through the rear.

Two cutouts for cable routing can be found on the PSU shroud, and these are what you’ll need to connect the front panel wires and PCI cable to the graphics card without making a mess inside. Because of the clearance given at the front of the PSU shroud, it may also be equipped with radiators. Don’t forget to watch my video at the beginning of this post for a more in-depth look at this case.

What Is Beneficial

  • Dual RGB LED Strips on the front and one RGB fan pre-installed add to the appealing aesthetics.
  • A tempered glass panel on the side is included.
  • Dust filters have been placed in the fans to keep the dust out.
  • RGB lighting is controlled by an LED controller on the top.
  • At the front, a radiator of up to 240mm may be installed.

What it isn’t

  • In contrast to the previous three instances, there is insufficient ventilation.
  • Despite its capacity to equip 3x 120mm fans, there isn’t enough front space to attach a 280mm or 360mm radiator.

Check Amazon for the best price on the Aerocool Cylon RGB. 


The Aerocool Cylon RGB isn’t the greatest case for Rs 3000, but it’s certainly better than any of the other cases under that price, with the exception of the four listed above. There are a few small flaws in this case that I don’t like, but it’s pretty similar to the other four instances. It features a front-facing LED RGB strip and a little vent at the bottom, which I don’t like. Because there is no additional vented space on the front panel, a high-end PC setup with radiators and overclocking is not advised.

The case, on the other hand, features a nice interior with ample room for large CPU coolers and lengthy graphics cards. The PSU shroud is so close to the front panel that it nearly touches it. Due to a shortage of space in the front, you can only install three 120mm fans rather than a 360mm or 240mm radiator, but you can certainly install a 120mm radiator.

A single 120mm fan may be placed at the top, but nearly every case above it can have two 120mm fans added. The case does, however, have support for two 120mm fans on the PSU shroud, but I wouldn’t suggest them unless your graphics card is overheated. These are the only drawbacks I can think of, however the case’s storage drive support is better than any other on the list, with up to 3x 2.5′′ and 2x 3.5′′ drives. If you don’t want to use hard drives, you may use up to three 2.5-inch drives.

What Is Beneficial

  • Front panel RGB LED strip with 13 distinct modes
  • Side panel made of tempered glass
  • Three 120mm fans are supported in the front, and two 120mm fans are supported in the PSU shroud.
  • Up to 3x 2.5′′ and 2x 3.5′′ storage devices are supported.

What it isn’t

  • Only one fan is supported at the top.
  • Installation of a fan on the PSU shroud is ineffective.
  • Frontal airflow is insufficient.


I examined hundreds of instances under Rs 3000, and I discussed around 8-9 of them in the video. These are the top five cases I’ve discovered to be the greatest value for money. Please leave a remark on what you think about these instances or if you have anything to say about them. If you need some ideas, you may also leave your question blank.


The unique pc cases are the best mid-tower cases under Rs 3000 in 2020. They offer great value for money and are easy to work with.

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The best budget mid tower case would be the Thermaltake Level 20 GT.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What PC case should I get 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best PC case for 2021 is the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Which company is best for PC case?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are many different companies that manufacture PC cases. It is best to do your research and find one that suits your needs.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best budget mid tower case?

The best budget mid tower case would be the Thermaltake Level 20 GT.

What PC case should I get 2021?

The best PC case for 2021 is the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB.

Which company is best for PC case?

There are many different companies that manufacture PC cases. It is best to do your research and find one that suits your needs.


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