The PC is still the best place to play games, but it’s also not the only place anymore. Console-quality games are available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, to name a few. Even though you can’t play the newest titles at the highest graphical settings, PC gaming has evolved into a much more accessible platform.

Last night, I was thinking about what games I should play next, and I came to the conclusion that the best games to play are those that are not just fun to play, but are also challenging in some way, whether it be figuring out solutions to puzzles, overcoming difficult opponents in battle, or just completing a level in a game that requires some gaming skill.

It’s time to change things up a bit, and put down the controller. There are plenty of PC games worth playing, but you’ll need to dig through the AAA titles to find them. Whether you want to play fantasy action RPGs, sci-fi survival sims, quirky platformers, or hardcore first-person shooters, there’s plenty of high-quality games to pick from.. Read more about best pc games free download and let us know what you think.

Games may provide an escape from reality. However, with so many choices, picking a new game to play may be tough. Although most players stick to the same titles, it’s always interesting to come upon an obscure or intense game. This post was written to provide you with some of the finest new PC games to play in 2021.

In 2021, the top three PC games to play are

The gaming business has exploded since the COVID-19 epidemic. When it comes to great PC games, both beginner and experienced players have a plethora of choices. Nonetheless, we think that the titles listed below stand out above the others. We think that a “great” game is one that allows the player to escape via exciting experiences and stunning visuals.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third installment in The Witcher franchise.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still one of the most popular PC games, despite its release in 2015. When it comes to the top three PC games, it seems that the majority of players like the whole Witcher franchise. Despite the fact that it isn’t a recent release, this RPG (role play game) has only become better with age, much like good wine.

In terms of adventures, narrative, and free reign to build your own adventure, the game offers a plethora of choices. We feel compelled to highlight the high-definition visuals; they look fantastic on a high-end gaming machine. Finally, this game has been voted the greatest PC game to play in 2021 across a variety of platforms.



Do you like a good adrenaline boost when gaming? Yes?! Ghostrunner, on the other hand, is the ideal game for you to attempt. We viewed several trailers while deciding on our favorite games. We have to admit that seeing the Ghostrunner pre-order trailer got our pulse flowing and made us eager to play the game. The gameplay seems to be quick and furious, but it also appears to be very tough. This game has been characterized as “ultra-violent” and “not for the faint of heart” by critics. The game is chock-full of carnage, and you will not be disappointed!

Shadowlands is a World of Warcraft expansion.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft (WoW) has a long history, similar to the Witcher series. It already has a devoted following and is a widely played game across the world. It has been called one of the most popular MMOs, particularly given its 16-year existence. Furthermore, the game’s creators are constantly adding new material, stories, twists, and turns to keep it fresh. As a result, whether you’ve been a long-time fan or this is your first time playing WoW, you won’t be disappointed.

Three Ways to Make Your Gaming Experience Better: Prepare the system

Here are some suggestions for being system-ready so that you may enjoy the greatest possible experience. What we mean is that if your system lacks the necessary specs for a game to operate at its full potential, the user experience will suffer. Some of the best games, such as The Witcher series, may suffer if you don’t have the latest drivers or graphics cards.

Refresh Your Graphics Card

It’s always a good idea to double-check the most recent graphic card specifications. Latest websites, such as Steam or Blizzard, provide updates and links to the most recent graphics card. AMD and Nvidia are the two most popular. Up-to-date visuals may make or break your gaming experience, determining whether you win or lose.

Use a VPN

The importance of security is equal to that of the user experience. Gamers can invest a lot of time and money into their online gaming accounts. To paraphrase Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, his World of Warcraft account was hacked in one episode. He calls the cops because a hacker has taken control and emptied his whole account.

Unfortunately, this is very prevalent, and people’s games and online accounts are often lost. This is why we always suggest a VPN for Windows 10 for its security advantages. A VPN can let you access geo-restricted material in addition to disguising your IP and keeping your data and accounts secure.

Make More Disc Space

Memory may have a positive or negative impact on your gaming experience. If you have a lot of disc space and RAM on your hard drive, your game will run quicker, which will improve your gaming experience significantly. Similarly, if your system processor or memory space is restricted, it will slow down the whole computer, not to mention the game.

We suggest that you clear up your disc space on a regular basis (found in system settings). Another suggestion is to uninstall any old games, as well as any pre-installed Windows applications and features that you no longer need. Finally, you may utilize a cloud-based system; if you do, we suggest transferring your data at least once a month to avoid running out of space on your hard drive.

With the best modern GPUs and CPUs, the gaming PC is the ultimate game console. But, there’s a catch: to truly play the best (and most demanding) PC games, you need the best PC games. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best games to play out of your gaming PC.. Read more about best pc games 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 best PC games?

The top 10 best PC games are as follows:

1. League of Legends
2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
3. Overwatch
4. World of Warcraft
5. Minecraft
6. Dark Souls III
7. DOTA 2
8. Grand Theft Auto V
9. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 10. Fortnite

What is the #1 PC game?

The #1 PC game is World of Warcraft.

What is the best game to buy for PC?

The best game to buy for PC would be Fortnite.