Currently, the cheapest RTX 3060 Ti card on Amazon is $1449.99; the cheapest RTX 3060 is $999.99. If you want a top of the line RTX 3060 Ti PC with the latest AMD GPU, you need to spend at least $1700 on a custom build. The latest RTX 3060 Ti is not only more powerful than the GTX 1060, but it also costs $200+ less than the GTX 1060.

Solid, durable, and simple? Sounds like the perfect formula for any gaming build. Although this class of router is fairly new, the TP-Link Archer C7 is arguably one of the best networking devices on the market right now. Featuring speeds up to 1900Mbps, this powerful router is perfect for gamers who want to play at the highest possible settings.

In 2019, NVIDIA launched its new RTX 20-series graphics cards. It’s a new GPU architecture that brings a big leap in both performance and efficiency, and it’s a big deal for PC gamers. As a result, more and more hardware vendors have been launching new gaming PCs with RTX series GPUs. While some builders still stick with the GTX 16-series GPUs, others have been making use of the new RTX-series GPUs to embrace the new era. In fact, the RTX 2060 is the go-to GPU choice for decent gaming PC builds under $1500 nowadays, and it’s been so popular that even mainstream hardware vendors have been launching new systems with it.. Read more about best gaming pc build under $1,000 and let us know what you think.

The RTX 3060 Ti is without a doubt one of the finest GPUs from the Ampere range, and although many people are still focused on getting their hands on the 3080 or above, the 3060 Ti is a fantastic option for anybody looking to save money while still obtaining a decent GPU.

However, the majority of individuals are just now beginning to construct their own gaming PCs. This implies that a new GPU isn’t the only thing they’re seeking. They’d want to get their hands on a brand-new, custom-built gaming computer.

Finding components for such a project isn’t the most difficult aspect. The most difficult thing that may get in the way is choosing which portion one wants, since that is what is more difficult than the rest of the things that someone could have to deal with in the first place.

Thankfully, we are here to assist you, as we will assist you in locating the appropriate goods with ease. You won’t have to worry about anything, from the CPU to the motherboard, cooler, and other elements of the construction, since everything will be included here.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor (CPU)

Choosing the appropriate CPU has to go because, let’s face it, going with something that isn’t good enough for future-proofing isn’t what we’re looking for. You should always choose a CPU that can run in future versions if you really want a nice experience.

With that stated, my top choice for the CPU is the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, since, despite the current scarcity, the CPU is clearly one of the best alternatives available for under $300, and its performance is on pace with some of the best CPUs on the market.

Not only does the CPU provide one of the finest gaming performance, but it also provides outstanding single and multi-threaded performance, as well as excellent power efficiency. Another plus is that it supports both 500 and 400 series motherboards, and the included cooling performs well at stock speeds.

The main drawback is the lack of integrated graphics, but since you’re combining this with a decent GPU, you shouldn’t have too many concerns to begin with.

Hyper 212 Black by Cooler Master (CPU Cooler)


In terms of the cooler, I intended to go with something more high-end, but after seeing the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X’s performance capabilities, I understood that you don’t need one that can cool it to extreme temperatures. All you need is a cooler with excellent overall performance and compatibility, and you’re set.

That is why I chose the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition, which lives up to its renowned brand and history. You may choose between an RGB and a Black Edition, however I prefer the Black Edition since it looks nicer in my view.

The good news is that this cooler’s installation is one of the finest and simplest. Furthermore, Cooler Master has made significant advancements over its predecessors. So you’re getting something worthwhile.

When it comes to price, this is one of the most reasonably priced coolers on the market. As a result, you’re never really out of choices in this regard.

To be honest, I was shocked at how cheap this cooler is, and when you consider that you are still receiving a decent performance, you realize that the cooler as a whole is a home run, and you should not pass it up.


I know it may not appear so, but choosing the right motherboard is often one of the most important factors that people will need to know, and making the right decision is simply not something we will recommend to anyone because, let’s face it, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you choose the wrong motherboard.

Thankfully, the ASUS AM4 TUF GAMING X570-Plus is here to rescue the day, since it is one of the finest motherboards you can buy in terms of price, and if you’re worried about performance, you don’t have to be because it’s fantastic in every way.

Fortunately, you’re getting a quality motherboard for a cheaper price, and the debug LEDs are a nice addition. Not to add, you’ll receive a USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector on the rear, which is a great feature to have, particularly if you have speedier gadgets that need more capacity.

Furthermore, the integrated Wi-Fi is a lifesaver, and although I usually prefer a cable connection over a wireless one, having the option is always beneficial, and you are not missing anything here. As a result, it’s always a good idea to have a look at this as well.

Given the motherboard’s pricing, it’s almost difficult to find flaws since you’re getting a fantastic deal and a lot of features for under $200. This is a fantastic deal, and it comes with Asus’s tried-and-true service, so you won’t be disappointed.

Ripjaws V Series by G Skill (Memory)


When it comes to memory, you’ll notice that today’s products are always more concerned with appearance than with performance, and the ones that perform well are always more costly. So, what is one to do? That’s where G.Skill comes in, since they can simply combine the two elements and provide you with a fantastic performance equipment.

The G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 is the memory that I chose for my build, and although it lacks RGB, the goal here is to obtain something that looks good, performs well, and is color neutral, so it will fit in just about any design.

The performance of this RAM kit is great, and the total cost is cheap, but don’t worry, the compatibility is quite broad, so you’re not missing out on anything. G.Skill’s limited lifetime guarantee is well-known and well-received in the business, and it’s also quite excellent.

Last but not least, the RAM’s basic black aesthetics are excellent since you can simply fit these sticks into any build and they will feel perfectly at home, which is precisely what we wanted to achieve in the first place.

To be honest, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with this RAM kit since it provides great performance in every way, which is exactly what we’re want. We want customers to be able to obtain something that meets their RAM kit needs while without spending all of their money on this.

SN550 Western Digital Blue (Storage)


Storage is also an essential component of any gaming PC, or any PC for that matter. Simply stated, if you’re buying a decent PC, you’ll want to be sure it has adequate storage to hold all of your data. Games these days require a significant quantity of storage, which is an unavoidable circumstance.

But it’s not only gaming; even today’s apps need a lot of storage. As a result, you’ll need a lot of storage to do the task. Thankfully, for our setup, we went with the Western Digital Blue SN550. This 1TB hard disk will be more than plenty for your needs. Now, I realize that this is still a Gen3 device on a Gen4 motherboard, however Gen4 devices are very costly at the time of writing.

Thankfully, the Western Digital Blue SN550 is a fantastic drive that delivers one of the finest results compared to the competitors. The pricing of this drive shocked me the most, since it is on the more cheap side of things, and not only that, but the efficiency is also excellent. You’ll also receive a fantastic 5-year guarantee that has been thoroughly tested by industry experts.

It may seem to be a minor feature, but the fact that this SSD only has a single-sided PCB throughout the full range of capacities available on the market makes it smaller and, in certain instances, simpler to install.

Unfortunately, the tiny SLC cache and below-average aesthetics may not appeal to everyone, but if you can live with these flaws, you’ll be getting one of the finest SSDs on the market and one that will complement your setup.


At the time of writing, it’s fair to conclude that Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series is a complete success. This series is as groundbreaking as the GTX 1000 series was when it first launched, and all of the cards in the range outperform the RTX 2000 series in virtually every aspect.

The RTX 3060 Ti is the crown gem for anybody looking for a mid-range card that performs far beyond its price point, and I’m amazed at how quick this card is. In my early tests, the card comfortably outperformed the RTX 2080 Super in many games, and given how young it is, we should expect further performance gains in the future.

The good news is that if you’re looking for a card that can provide consistent performance across several resolutions, this is the one to go for. Whether you’re playing at 1080p or 1440p, this card delivers and does it very well. Not only that, but if you dial down a few settings, you can obtain a respectable 4K performance.

Furthermore, the Ray Tracing performance is consistently good, and the general design language is fantastic. Not only that, but Nvidia has worked with all of the AIB vendors to guarantee that you have a wide range of options when purchasing these cards, so you’re well set.

Overall temperatures are also kept under control, so if you’re concerned that you’ll end up with something that doesn’t provide decent performance, fear not; the performance on this GPU is, to put it mildly, outstanding.

My only worry at the time of writing is that availability is hit-or-miss. This implies that finding a card that sells for retail is difficult right now, but it will improve in the next weeks and months. So, if you’re searching for a cheap PC, get your RTX 3060 Ti.

MasterBox TD500 from Cooler Master (Case)


For individuals who are wanting to have the ideal construction experience, buying the incorrect case may easily cause a lot of problems. Things stop making sense if your case isn’t large enough or doesn’t have enough support for the gear you’re going to install, and you’re left with no good options to begin with.

After that, if you want to get your hands on something excellent and respectable, the Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 is a fantastic choice that you can get for a reasonable price. This implies you aren’t losing a lot of money in the first place.

The wonderful thing about this case is that Cooler Master worked hard to create one that is equal parts form and function. This indicates that it is one of the best-designed cases on the market and that it is visually beautiful. You’ll have plenty of room, and three front fans are included in the bundle.

The enclosure also has an RGB controller, and all of the components may be installed without difficulty. If you’re constructing a mid-to-high-end system and need a case that can easily accommodate all of the components, this is something you should look into since, let’s face it, it won’t let you down.

To be honest, there isn’t much to dislike about the case. The only thing I noticed is that there are moments when you wish the case had higher build quality, but this isn’t a problem since if you’re looking to set the case on your desk and leave it there without moving it all the time, you’ll be good.

RM 650x by Corsair (Power Supply)


Last but not least, the power supply is crucial since, let’s face it, without a decent power supply, you may not obtain the desired experience. We often discuss how when constructing a gaming PC, there is an unwritten law that you must choose the greatest power supply available within your budget.

Simply stated, it is one of those things that you should never skimp on since you never know what kind of experience you will have if you do. With that stated, the Corsair RM 650x is here to make sure you never have a problem with your power supply since it is one of the greatest and most tried-and-true options on the market.

Even at greater temperatures, the power supply manages to provide full power. The excellent capacitors for ripple suppression are fantastic, and there is also strong load control in place for a more pleasant experience. The performance is constant throughout, and we appreciate the completely modular construction with the famous 10-year warranty.

The main drawback would be a single EPS connection, but there are no compatibility problems with this design. So you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

For many individuals, putting up a new gaming PC may be a daunting task, particularly if they are unsure where to start or which components to purchase. Thankfully, if you’re searching for something worthwhile, you’ll be ready to go anytime you’re looking for something similar.

We’ve made sure that you get your hands on the finest possible gaming PC available on the market with our build list/buying guide, and that you don’t wind up with anything you don’t enjoy.

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It is hard to say, but it is worth considering if you are interested in playing the latest games on the highest settings.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What CPU should I get for 3060 TI?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is hard to say, but it is worth considering if you are interested in playing the latest games on the highest settings.

What CPU should I get for 3060 TI?

The best CPU for the 3060 TI is an Intel Core i5-8600K.

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