**(BG2) Baldur’s Gate II – Enhanced Edition – Free Rielev From His Life Support (Side Quest) Guide **

The long awaited Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate II is finally here and thousands of players are eagerly awaiting the release. Well, if you are a Baldur’s Gate II fan, then you will probably know that you have to follow the rules of the side-quest to free Rielev from his life support. In this guide, we will go through the steps involved in the quest to free him and the many benefits this will bring you.

I recently looked for a replacement for my dead laptop and ended up buying an older version of a laptop that I had actually bought about a year ago but for some reason never got around to installing the game on. That’s when I found out this game has a free walkthrough on the official forum. I figured I’d post it here in case you guys found it useful!


Freeing Rielev from the respirator is one of the many side missions in (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Extended Edition

To do this, you must find a small creature locked in a small cell.


  • SIDE QUEST : Releasing Rielev from respiration
  • The donor of the Quest: Aataka
  • CHAPTER QUEST : CHAPTER 1 – The Irenic Tower
  • PRICES FOR RESEARCH : 4000XP, energy cells
  • It is automatically activated after you speak to Aataqah (linked to the story). It will suggest that you find Reel.
  • Activating the quest is easy, but finding Rielew can be harder. It will be if you’re not the type to do research.
  • But if you can find Rilew at the test chamber, as seen below…..
  • We learn that Reel has been abandoned and forgotten by his master. That he’s not happy after all and therefore wants to die in his cell.
  • To give it the rest it needs, you have to accept the energy cells it wants to give you.
  • The other creatures he mentions are south of this room, but they have little to say. Also, the quest is over after you talk to Rielew, so it’s up to you whether you talk to them or not.


Rielev was freed from a life of procrastination.

I took the crystal, which apparently powered the device it was floating in, but not before he said it could be used to activate other servants in similar devices.





Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is an enhanced version of Baldur’s Gate II, the sequel to the critically acclaimed computer role-playing game. It features new content, a new story, revised graphics, and a new interface.. Read more about baldur’s gate 2 how to get out of the dungeon and let us know what you think.


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