BGII:EE was a remake of the classic Baldur’s Gate II , and it features several improvements over the original game, including new locations, an updated interface, a new soundtrack, and an expanded party. This quest guide shows you how to recruit Yoshimo in order to start the quest “Capturing the Flame”.

This is the Side Quest guide for “Yoshimo” in “BG 2: Enhanced Edition”. This is a side quest that you’ll get to after you have completed the main plot. This quest involves Yoshimo, a Kamaitachi, and you’ll need to find him. Yoshimo has a unique skill, a sort of teleport, and this is how you will get him to join your party. After you talk to him you have to find him and talk to him and he will join. This will conclude this side quest for BGII:EE.

To recruit a famous thief (Yoshimo) in Baldur’s Gate II, the first thing you need to do is backtrack to the screen you arrived in the game at. Once you get to the screen you want, go exactly one screen forward and the scene will trigger where you can choose to backtrack all the way back to the temple. Once there, you will find Yoshimo in the building with the statue of Bhaal where you met him in the first game.


How to recruit Yoshimo is one of the many side-quests in the game (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Extended Edition

It’s about recruiting or at least meeting the character of Yoshimo.


  • SIDE QUEST : Yoshimo’s recruitment
  • CHAPTER QUEST : CHAPTER 1 – The Irenic Tower
  • THE PRICE OF RESEARCH: Wrap Yoshimo (bounty hunter)
  • Yoshimo is our third companion, he is a bounty hunter wielding a katana.
  • Of course the recruitment is voluntary.
  • Before we can recruit the guy, we have to go to the guest room.
  • Examine the chest at the foot of the bed here to find the key to the gate.
  • The key to the gate is needed to gain access to the area where Yoshimo is located.
  • With the gate key in hand, you can return to the main room and go through the gate.
  • Say hello to Yoshimo for me. Yeah, it’s impossible not to notice.
  • Here you can decide if he is good enough to join your group or not, so decide and the quest is over.






Many players have asked us on our forums how to recruit the Eye of the Unseen, the protagonist of Baldur’s Gate II’s side quest. We are going to show you how to find Yoshimo and recruit him, so you can complete the Eye of the Unseen side quest.. Read more about baldur’s gate 2 enhanced edition and let us know what you think.


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