How to Release Minsc / Jaheira (Side Quest) Guide This guide will show you how to have Minsc and Jaheira join your party by the end of Chapter 8. By the end of this quest, they will both be able to reach Level 20.

BG2:EE is a well known game that is rather old. Nevertheless, it is still widely played and loved by many gamers. Since the game was first released in 1998, there have been many other versions of the game, but there is only one version which has been released recently. That version is called Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition.

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition is a role-playing video game released in November 2017 by Beamdog, a video game developer based in Austin, Texas. The game is a remake of Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, which was released in 1998. The Enhanced Edition features a prologue set 25 years after the original game, and tells a new story about a young woman named Shendeia who is the daughter of Jaheira, one of the game’s main characters.


How to free Minsc / Jaheira is one of many different side quests in (BG2) Baldur’s Gate II : Extended Edition

It’s about finding a way to free Minsk and Jahirah from their cages.


  • SIDE QUEST : Find a way to release Jahirah from her cage, Find a way to release Minsk from her cage
  • CHAPTER QUEST : CHAPTER 1 – The Irenic Tower
  • THE DEMANDS OF THE QUESTION : Recruit Jahirah, recruit Minsk
  • This optional action can be performed once you have taken control of your character. This opens up the possibility of recruiting the first set of companions in the game.
  • When you have the situation under control, you will see two more cells behind you, where you will meet Minsky and Jahirah.
  • Go talk to them, for the purpose of this guide we will talk to Minsk first.
  • Freeing or releasing Minsk from his cage is the easiest task, just talk to him and he will eventually break the bars himself. Of course, he will blame you for annoying him enough by forcing him to become a berserker.
  • As for Jahaira, her release requires a little more effort.
  • After you talk to him, go to the room in the southeast. There will be a golem here, but don’t worry, he won’t do anything.
  • Here the table in the middle of the room is especially interesting, where you should find a lot of weapons for your group. At the same time, the key to the prison cell
  • With the key to the prison cell in hand, we can now free Jahirah.
  • Of course, you don’t have to employ these characters, but they act as your first hired companions.


I freed Jaheira from her cell with a key I found.

Minsk jerked free and escaped from his cage with a force amplified by anger. Apparently our captor underestimated the rage of the man and his hamster.





It’s time to release the archers on the minotaur, Minn-Seekers! To do so, you need to liberate the ballista and the range, then free the archers using the secret passage.. Read more about raelis baldur’s gate 2 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I release Jaheira?

You can release Jaheira by going to the main menu and pressing the button on your controller.

Will Jaheira leave the party bg2?

Jaheira will not leave the party in Baldurs Gate II.

How many hours to beat Baldurs Gate2?

It is impossible to give a precise answer to this question. The game has a lot of different variables that can affect how long it takes to beat the game, such as your skill level and how many side quests you do.