A lot has been said about the leaps and bounds of esports development. It is especially proven by the financial performance of the industry. As it is predicted, by the end of 2022, global esports revenue will have achieved almost 1.5 billion dollars. This money flow results from the biggest sponsor investments. Sponsors are attracted by the chance to assemble a young and loyal audience. Besides, long-term investments entail income in the future. Who invests in esports actively?

Red Bull

The company is known for spending a big part of its revenue on investment. Red Bull could not have overlooked this new direction. The manufacturer of energy drinks signed its first contract with a sportsman in 2006. After that, the company showed active support for Dota 2, Starcraft 2, and Tempo Storm. Nowadays, Red Bull is one of the most significant sponsors in esports. In 2021, the company invested over half a billion dollars in the industry.


The telecommunication company is a subsidiary of Comcast. Among other representatives of the list, it is rather young. Xfinity joined esports in 2016, providing its service to the tournament operator ESL and the team Evil Geniuses.

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The biggest investment from Xfinity refers to building an esports arena. Philadelphia Fusion Arena must have been completed last year, but its building was delayed due to the pandemic.


The technology giant manufacturing computer details could not stay away from esports. The company has been plowing billions of dollars into the industry since the beginning of the naughties. Intel holds several CS:GO leagues. In the list of CSGO events you can learn more about all tournaments that are sponsored by the company.


Automobile concerns actively support esports disciplines. The Japanese company is marked out amongst others. It has been collaborating with Team Liquid for a long time. And also, the manufacturer of cars is the only one among its competitors which sponsor League of Legends. In 2022 World Championship will take place with the help of sponsorship from many companies like Honda. Alongside, the automobile manufacturer holds its own tournaments.


Another manufacturer of drinks in the rating. The same as the previous company, it is known for supporting League of Legends and active collaboration with Riot Games.

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Coca-Cola sponsors LoL tournaments and participates in the creation of entertaining content with players. It even releases merchandise with images of Worlds championships.


The biggest number of globally known holdings sponsor the esports industry. They invest their money in the long-term as the direction is actively growing. Its revenue has already exceeded a million dollars, and the number is going to grow in the future.


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