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Claptrap’s Secret Stash is a series of collectibles hidden throughout the game. In total there are 1650 of these secrets and they come in four distinct categories.

So, since you are the vault hunter, you’ll need a place to hide your loot. This guide will show you an efficient way to do so in Borderlands 2.


Before you start looking for Roland, you need familiarize yourself with the town of Sanctuary and its residents. Many of them will be familiar faces from the last game, and none of them has lost contact. These missions will be the focus of the following several articles. Before you go looking for Roland, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible.

Claptrap is the first person you should track down. It’ll be nice to meet up with the tiny robot after your trip through Three Horns. He’ll also show you one of the most important elements of gun trade.

Claptrap may be found hidden away in a tiny nook filled with trash on the north edge of town. As you get closer, he flags you down to show you his incredible collection. To get things started, speak with him.

He says that the cache is a far distance from his location and then gives you a list of absurd chores to do in order to locate his hidden treasure. I know it seems difficult, but you can accomplish it.

Borderlands 2Observed via a strong lens.


In fact, his hidden stockpile is just behind you, and it’s completely empty. While this is undoubtedly discouraging, there is a silver lining. In the locker, you may store four weapons that can be utilized by other characters you’ve created. While playing as Axton, can you find an amazing sniper weapon for Zero? To acquire the weaponry you don’t have in that playthrough, throw it in the locker and pick it up later as Zero.

Simply return to Claptrap to get your prize after completing this easy task. If the quest’s simplicity made you ill, don’t worry, we’ll be going to the doctor next time.


monetary value: $124

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Claptrap’s Secret Stash is a quest in Borderlands 2, and it is one of the more difficult ones to complete. As Claptrap states, “Only the bravest of intrepid adventurers, the most dauntless of do-gooders, they will find the secret treasure. They will discover the hidden stash. The stashed loot. The buried cache. The big box. The giant, secret, special stash. The big box.”. Read more about borderlands stash and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Claptraps secret stash work?

Claptraps secret stash is a feature that allows you to store your items in the game for safekeeping. You can access these items by pressing the button on the left side of your controller, and then selecting Stash.

Where is the stash in Borderlands 2?

The stash is a container that can be found in Sanctuary, the hub area of Borderlands 2. Its where you store items and money.

Is there a stash in Borderlands 2?

There is no stash in Borderlands 2, but there are a few chests that can be opened.

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