Borderlands 2’s main quest-alternate W4R D3N boss fight guide. The alternate W4R D3N boss fight is a difficult fight that requires a lot of precision, and if missed can be quite deadly.

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So, on the Bloodshot Ramparts, you let W4R D3N get away with Roland? It’s not a total loss, however. He was taken to the Friendship Gulag in the Dust by the Hyperion robot. You know this location will be packed with pals who will embrace you while brandishing guns and bombs. Travel quickly to the Dust and then rent a car from Ellie. To get to the Gulag, go north towards the objective marker.

gulag entrance

Start battling your way through the base after you’ve gotten inside. The easiest method to go past the Hyperion base is to go east. Hyperion GUN loaders and EXP loaders will provide plenty of resistance. You’ll reach a set of stairs leading to a platform in the map’s center. Remove all opponents from the area and go upward. Start making your way north through the middle of the map after you’ve reached the top.

w4r d3n gulag

More GUN and EXP loaders, as well as some Hyperion troops, may be expected. You’ll find W4R D3N and Roland after punching through the map’s center. When fighting the machine on the Bloodshot Ramparts, use the same approach. You may expect him to hurl everything at you, but you won’t have to worry about him flying away. Still, make sure you’re destroying his shields with an electrical elemental weapon.

roland gulag

After W4R D3N has been destroyed, speak with Roland to get your prize for your long and arduous journey. You’ve done it! Finally, you’ve completed your task. Now it’s just a matter of saving the planet and whatnot.


4 bars of eridium

3640 hours of experience

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