Borderlands 2 is one of those games that is always mentioned in the same sentence as “next gen graphics”. It’s a game that’s best enjoyed on a gaming rig, and you’ll find that the special features of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 (namely the ability to display 4K resolution) highlights the awesome third person action when playing it on the next gen consoles.

Ever since the first Borderlands game, the fans have been clamoring for a sequel or DLC pack. With Borderlands 2 now out and available for download, this guide will cover all the new content, the new characters, and the new ways to play the game.

When you find a dropped weapon, it can be a real pain to get it back. When you find a shield, it’s a whole lot worse. Getting a shield back should be easy – no fighting a guy to get it, no trading with a stranger. Instead, you get to fight a guy to get it. It’s Borderlands 2’s version of stealing, and it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Sir Hammerlock recommends a new shield for the challenges ahead, now that every terrible beast and bandit has been exterminated from Liar’s Berg. Hammerlock indicates in the direction of the ancient Crimson Raiders station, which has such equipment.

Take the northwest entrance out of Liar’s Berg. Follow the route down to a tiny bandit outpost, which is situated west across an ice field. Several bandits will emerge to block your path to the ice field, but with your weapons and grenades, they’ll be dead in no time. Continue to the outpost after hopping down to the field.

Four bandits will be swarming the outpost. On the lower walkway, there are two, and on the top walkway, there are two. On the bottom walkway, there is an incendiary barrel. Maintain a safe distance from the outpost to avoid drawing the attention of the soldiers. When both guards are within range of the barrel, fire it or throw a grenade at it to inflict incendiary damage. Both guards will be killed, if not made simpler to kill, as a result of this. After that, you’ll just have to deal with the last two bandits, which should be rather straightforward given that they’re merely low-level marauders.


Climb the stairs to the second level, where you’ll find the lever for the elevator that will take you to the shields. Regrettably, the lever has broken. ClapTrap had tried to “integrate” with the machine, according to Sir Hammerlock. Over the ECHO, the robot tries to protect himself, but more importantly, he indicates in the direction of the fuse to the lever. It’s a short distance south of the outpost, and the enormous electrical field flashing nearby will alert you to its presence.

To make matters more difficult, this bandit camp is teeming with marauders, psychos, and murderous marauders. There are a few of elemental barrels nearby. Use the same methods you used to clear the Crimson Raiders outpost. By exploding the barrels, you may catch the robbers off guard, then go in and sweep the rest of them clean. As you go further inside the camp, additional bandits will appear. To the left of the electrical field, one will seek refuge in the red and steel gray structure. Up on the balcony with him is an exploding gas tank. He should be no longer an issue if you blow up the tank.

Now it’s time to move on from the electrical sector. When Claptrap urges you to rush through it, ignore him. You’ll just wind up injuring yourself and making a fool of yourself. The electric wall will vanish if you blow up the fuse box concealed behind the field. The elevator fuse is close to the fuse box you shot. Take it and prepare to battle some bullymongs. As soon as you pick up the fuse, the furious monkeys will rush down from their nests. Stay on your toes when bringing them out since the group will be made up of brats and grownups.

Return to the elevator with the fuse in hand and plug it in. The elevator will take you to the safe home as it descends. Inside will be a vending machine with a large supply of shields. Take one and return to Sir Hammerlock to get your prize for your efforts.


160 hours of experience

$31 in cash

Skin of an Unknown Character

Borderlands 2 Guide: Shielded Favors  is a guide to Borderlands 2 (Borderlands 2) for gamers that would like to see the full potential of the Game, and would like to find some new things to do.. Read more about borderlands 2 southern shelf walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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