Borderlands 2 isn’t exactly the most well known game out there, but it still had to be one of the biggest hits of 2012. Set on the fictional planet of Pandora, the game follows Vault Hunters who have been kidnapped by the Super Psychoactive Battle Droid and taken to the planet by way of a Hyperion “shuttle” and must fight their way through the planet’s various gangs and gangs of bandits to get back home and save Pandora. In the process they will need to increase their skills, guns, and loot.

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Borderlands 2 is basically the game that made me want to start a website. It’s a game that’s so ridiculously addicting to play, and so fun, that I couldn’t help but write a guide for it.

This will be the most straightforward assignment you’ll ever encounter in Borderlands 2. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the quest’s title.

Head to Thousand Cuts and Broke Face Bridge, where you’ll see crazy mumbling to himself on a neighboring ledge. I know that’s what they normally do, but he’s not trying to murder you. Face McShooty, who asks to be shot in the face, is the person to speak with. Until you’re ready to shoot him, listen to his insane rants. Shoot this man in the face with any weapon you choose. Make sure it’s in his face; any other areas of his body won’t be harmed. He’ll be grateful to you for it.

Your prize may be found in his body.

REWARD: Shoot This Guy in the Face

$2,428 in cash

385 hours of experience

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