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In Slap Happy, Sir Hammerlock needs your assistance to deal with another another of Pandora’s most dangerous monsters. He wants you to track down an enormous thresher known as Old Slappy. This is also a personal vengeance for him since Old Slappy is the one who took his arm. The thresher may be found in the Highland-Outwash region. You’ll need to use one of Hammerlock’s robotic arms as bait to lure him. Take his arm and make your way to the Highland-Outwash.

water pool


After Sanctuary has relocated, return to the mining complex you battled through to get to Sanctuary. Enter the open pool of water not far from the facility’s entrance. In the pool of water, there will be a tiny pillar with a chain hanging from it. Old Slappy will emerge if Hammerlock’s arm is placed on the chain.

old slappy


To put it mildly, Old Slappy is enormous. He’ll beat the heck out of you with tentacles, but these are also his weak spots. To inflict harm and kill the tentacles, shoot at their round blue eyes. Aim for his eyes on his head as well for additional critical damage, and you should be able to knock him down quickly.

Return to Hammerlock after killing the beast. Though he didn’t find revenge to be as fulfilling as he had hoped, he’ll offer you a handsome prize for your efforts.

REWARD: Slap Happy

3859 hours of experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to slap happy in Borderlands 2?

You need to equip a melee weapon and then go into the skill tree. From there, you will find the Slap Happy skill.

How do you beat Old Slappy in Borderlands 2?

Old Slappy is a boss in Borderlands 2. To beat him, you must use the following strategy: 1) Equip your best weapon 2) Run towards his back and shoot him until he dies 3) If he does not die, repeat step 2

How did hammerlock lose his arm?

Hammerlock was a cyborg. He lost his arm when he was attacked by the other cyborgs and it got ripped off.

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