Any Borderlands 2 player knows that the best loot is obtained from powerful enemies that are part of a boss fight.  The really nice loot is from enemies that are part of the end game boss, the end game raid, that is almost always found at the end of the game.  These special enemies are referred to as “BOSSES”.

Borderlands 2 is a lot of fun, but to really get the most out of it, you’re going to need to master the art of symbiosis—taking advantage of the game’s online features to team up with other players for maximum fun. Let’s go over the basics of how to do this.

We are all familiar with the concept of symbiosis, the relationship between organisms where one benefits from the other without harming or being harmed themselves. A myriad of examples exist, from the relationship between plants and animals, to fungi and insects, to bacteria and their hosts. For this reason, scientists have long been puzzled as to how symbiosis works. While most symbiotic relationships are established between closely related organisms, there are a handful of exceptions. In the case of the tiny bacteria that lives inside the sweet potato, the relationship is not with another organism but the sweet potato itself, which has a mutually beneficial relationship with these bacteria.


Sir Hammerlock has a difficult task for you to complete now that you’re better prepared. He wants you to investigate (and eliminate) a fascinating symbiotic connection. There have been tales of a midget riding on the back of a bullymong. This lethal duo is encircled by a gang of robbers.

To locate the pair, go to Southern Shelf Bay. A movable platform provides passage over the river if you go southeast from the entrance. A huge bandit outpost and the bullymidgetmong may be found on the opposite side. Killer marauders, psychos, and miniature psychos will assault you as soon as you approach the outpost. Take out the first group of villains with your finest weaponry and they should be easy to take out.

If you’ve followed the instructions to this point, you should be at level five and able to use your class’s unique ability. Given the number of bandits in the area, you’ll want to use those abilities to tip the odds in your favor.

Following the goal marker, continue battling your way further into the bandit encampment. Your objective is on the outpost’s third floor. On the opposite end of the outpost, you’ll discover the steps to the second floor. More bandits will emerge, obstructing your progress.

Keep your wits about you since some of them will be firing from above as well as the level you’re on right now. Head upstairs with the bandits dead.

You’ll discover an open area packed with bandits if you go across the second floor to the northwest side. This is a great opportunity to put your new ability to use, since this is a difficult battle and you’ll need to clear the area to go to the third level’s ramp.

As soon as you begin fighting, additional bandits will emerge from the shadows, some even from the level below, so be alert. It’s all too easy to get trapped and overwhelmed, so keep moving. As you go up the ramp, more bandits will attack, but this time they will be smaller and easier to deal with.


Continue ascending to the top, where you’ll discover a urinal stall with great treasure and the bullymong riding midget. When you approach too near, he shoots a pair of assault rifles at you while his bullymong steed knocks you about. To inflict damage to the beast, combine your finest weapons and abilities. He travels rapidly about the outpost, so keep an eye on him.

He also hides in sniper’s nests to maintain a safe distance from you, but keep shooting your most accurate weapon at him. As he travels from location to location, other bandits emerge to offer the duo assistance. Simply utilize your greatest rifle and your abilities to battle your way through the crowd to your objective.

You may kill one of the bullymongs or midgets before the other, but if you’ve been doing equal damage to both, taking out the final one standing should be pretty easy. It’s time to return to Hammerlock for your prize once they’ve died.


362 hours of experience

Amount: $39

Random Head Customization is an item that may be customized at any time.

Return to the whole mission list.

This post is not for the faint of heart – I’m looking for tips, tricks, and strategies that will help me and other players get the most out of this game. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Borderlands 2 is an extremely difficult game for newbies to pick up, especially on the PC platform.. Read more about borderlands 2 first level and let us know what you think.

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