Today, we’re sad to announce that Vic Mignogna will no longer be a part of the Rooster Teeth family. Vic Mignogna was an integral part of the Rooster Teeth family for over a decade. His love of video games, voice acting, and anime led him to become the voice of Lelouch Lamperouge in the anime series Code Geass. He became better known here as the voice of Alcyone in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series and became the voice of the leader of the Light Warriors, Luke fon Fabre, in the Rooster Teeth series Red vs. Blue. He joined the Rooster Teeth team in 2006. While he was on the team

Rooster Teeth, the company behind popular online series like RWBY, Red vs. Blue and other fan-favorite shows, has cut ties with one of their own. Fans of the company were left heartbroken to find out that actor Vic Mignogna, who had been playing the role of Grey in the company’s flagship series RWBY, had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. The company announced last week that Mignogna would be leaving his role as Grey, and that he would be continuing to work as a voice actor on the series.

The cast of RWBY has been one of the most popular and successful casts on all of Rooster Teeth’s channels. Rooster Teeth has recently announced (via Twitter) that Vic Mignogna will no longer be with the company and that he will no longer be working with the company. This news came as a surprise to Rooster Teeth fans and followers, as the final day of The Rooster Teeth Expo was yesterday and Mignogna was a featured panelist.

Vic Mignogna, an anime voice actor, has been fired from the popular program RWBY. “Effective today, Vic Mignogna is no longer a member of the cast of RWBY, and Rooster Teeth is terminating all ties with Mignogna,” Rooster Teeth said in a statement on their website. This will have no impact on RWBY’s original content.” Although there have been accusations of sexual harassment, Rooster Teeth has not said why it has severed relations with Mignogna.

At fan gatherings, Mignogna has been accused of homophobia and unwelcome physical attempts on females. Many people who have encountered Mignogna at conventions have implicated him. Mignogna has even been accused of interacting with minors. These accusations initially surfaced on social media, mostly on Twitter, and rapidly grew in popularity. Other voice actors are rallying behind these fans and expressing their support on social media. Rooster Teeth is the first production firm to stand up to Mignogna, and who knows how many more will follow. The experienced actor has voiced a number of well-known anime series, including Fullmetal Alchemist and, most recently, Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Mignogna first disputed the allegations on Twitter, but has since disappeared. He has denied the allegations and apologized to anybody who he may have hurt.

Rebuttal by Mignogna

The behavior he is accused of displaying is reprehensible, particularly in this “me too” age. This kind of accusation has the potential to ruin a person’s career. I’m not saying he’s guilty; only time will tell what Mignogna has in store, but it doesn’t seem good. He has lately canceled public engagements, and it seems that his approach for defending himself is to remain anonymous. While Mignogna’s voice has been heard for years, social media has given ordinary people a voice as well.

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Vic Mignogna, the actor who plays “Kirito” in the popular anime series “Sword Art Online”, has been let go by Rooster Teeth, the company behind the anime series and the live-action “Lazer Team”. There is no official announcement yet, but Mignogna has posted a message on his Twitter, saying that he was “let go”.. Read more about will vic mignogna come back and let us know what you think.

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