Campus is a simulation video game produced by The Gamers and designed by Charles Rosen. It’s the first game in the Campus series, and you play as a college student who takes your sweet time getting ready for your next date. The game’s goal is to give you the tools to create the perfect date.

Campus is a game for Android that works in the same way as the popular “FarmVille” game on iOS. The game also offers up a similar “dating sim” style gameplay, but with a much more literal, less dating-simmy take.

Campus is a free online dating simulator game that comes with a total of ten different ways to meet potential lovers. If you like to play games, you will be happy to know that Campus is online, and you can start playing right now.

Campus: Date Sim is a new Android and iOS game in which you sneak into a girl’s campus and begin flirting and dating her. Continue reading for a review of Campus: Date Sim. Amrita Studio, best known for the Jane’s Story game, has now released Campus: Date Sim on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Review of Campus: Date Simulator

We’ve been playing Campus: Date Sim for quite some time. It begins with a prologue scenario in which you sneak into the campus of the females. After that, one of the three females will strike up a conversation with you. You may unlock a variety of chambers in the game, each of which contains gorgeous ladies. You may speak to them, date them, and strengthen your connection with them. The objective is to date all of the game’s female characters. You’ll buy them presents, start dating them, and as time goes on, you’ll notice their gorgeous clothes. Let’s take a look at the Campus: Date Sim review.

Review of F2P vs. P2W

Dating females isn’t cheap; you’ll need a lot of cash to date the ladies in the game. As a free-to-play gamer, you will earn dollars by spinning the slot machine and receiving random prizes. By playing the slots, you might win girls’ dresses, money, and the chance to steal money. You wouldn’t be able to buy them presents or start a date/chat if you didn’t have any money. You will need a large sum of money as you advance to the following rooms or hidden chambers.

Campus: Date Sim is not a free-to-play game in our opinion; the amount of money you receive from the slot machine will hardly carry you far. For additional cash, you’ll have to view a lot of video advertisements.

Review of the Gameplay

In terms of gaming, there isn’t much. All you have to do is spin the slot machines to get money, spend it on presents, start chatting to females, and then wait for your energy to replenish before spinning again to earn more money. There isn’t much you can do when you’re out of energy or money.

The flirting and chatting portion is enjoyable. The game’s female characters are stunning. However, it becomes tedious after a few minutes since you may rapidly waste all of your money and energy – and then you have nothing to do. 

Review of Monetization

Ads and in-app purchases (IAPs) are used to monetize the game. Players may earn free money by watching video advertisements. Bucks, energy (which is needed to spin the slots), and hidden room items are all IAPs (charm). You may spend your money on presents for the ladies. You may also spend dollars to purchase chests holding outfit cards for the females in the store. IAPs are extremely costly.

Final Thoughts

We’d give it a three-star rating. Highlights include: –

  • The graphics are excellent.
  • Chatting/flirting with attractive women
  • For free-to-play gamers, it’s too sluggish.
  • Slot machine payouts are poor.
  • The game is short and monotonous after you’ve used all of your energy and money.

So that concludes our assessment of the Date Sim game on Campus. Let us know what you think in the comments area below.


I played Campus: Date Sim Game for about a week before writing this review. I am a fan of the genre of the dating sim games for the Nintendo DS, and I enjoyed the gameplay and story in Date Sim (also known as Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You). I had high expectations for Campus: Date Sim Game, and these expectations were met, but in a way that left me feeling a bit disappointed.. Read more about campus date sim true or false and let us know what you think.


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