The Agony version of the game, which is currently available on Steam, has a patch that will remove all references to the word “abortion” from the game. This includes any mention in dialogue or text, and also removes all references to abortion in-game. is the source of this image.

Agony is a first-person survival horror game set in a fictitious hellscape. As a player, you will begin your adventure as a tortured soul trapped in the depths of hell with no recollection of your history. The power to possess demons and manipulate individuals on your way provides you the tools you need to endure the gruesomeness of hell.


The game was created by Madmind Studio and was originally scheduled to be published on March 30th, however it was postponed, and there has been no official word from Madmind Studio regarding a new release date. The primary reason for this is because the game’s excessive display of nudity, brutality, and torture is making it difficult for the development team to get the necessary age rating before its release.


Madmind confirmed and explained in detail in a recent post that they are having significant difficulties in obtaining an age rating to avoid censorship issues and to release the game for PC and Consoles, and that they will have to make certain compromises or else they will be forced to close the project because after speaking with age-rating companies, it was necessary to tone down certain sections of the game, i.e. They won’t be able to distribute the game on consoles if it receives an AO rating.

The company also said that all versions of the game would be identical, implying that the PC version will be reduced as well. However, an optional patch for PC has been announced, which would remove the restrictions and allow users to download the game once it has been released. However, the patch will never be available for the console version. Nonetheless, they are not giving any specifics about what will be restricted; however, they have said that everything seen in the trailers will be included in the game, implying that you can anticipate a pleasant horrific time in hell. Check out their official announcement for additional information.


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