Ubisoft has announced a new update to Rainbow Six Siege that will penalize players who have been found cheating. A new system will be implemented in the game which will not only punish cheaters, but also those who use third-party programs or tools that can be used to cheat.

The rainbow six siege ban wave 2021 is the result of a new update that is now in place. This will prevent players from gaining rewards and ranking up for the upcoming season.

When it comes to cheaters, Ubisoft keeps things simple, and earlier this month it released an outline of its efforts to combat those who are responsible for spoiling others’ gaming or obtaining a significant edge over it.


Its most current anti-cheat strategy in Rainbow Six Siege is to issue rounds of bans to players with boosted accounts, which are accounts whose MMR has been altered in any way. They just released information on 1300 gamers who were found to have been boosted by cheats, and Ubisoft has already suspended these 1300 accounts for a period of 15 days.

However, community criticism indicates that this measure is insufficient, and Ubisoft has announced that these accounts accused of being boosted would have their rank and prizes deleted prior to the start of Season 3. The 15-day ban is a transition period during which Ubisoft will prepare to modify MMR gains/losses for all players in a match with a cheater.

This situation is quite similar to that of Counter-Strike Global Offensive, where players of all levels are subjected to boosted players or account boosters in the game, but VALVE has failed to take the required measures to address such problems. On the other side, the community will warmly embrace Ubisoft’s tough stance against cheaters, and the loss of seasonal rank and prizes is a smart move to combat cheaters in the game.


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In a recent update to Rainbow Six Siege, the developers have added a new feature that will see cheaters lose their seasonal rank and rewards. Reference: rainbow six siege ranks mmr.


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