I’ve been waiting impatiently to see if this happened. Now we have it! After a few weeks of rumors, finally we have a look at Oro and Rival Schools’ Akira in Street Fighter V. The video shows him with a few different things, but his favorite seems to be playing against Ryu. He uses his kicks to keep Ryu on the offensive, and his angle is to keep him away from his back.

It’s an exciting time to be a Street Fighter V player. Capcom is bringing back beloved characters, as well as introducing new ones. While we know Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Cammy will be part of the roster, there are two characters we haven’t seen yet. One of those is Oro, and he’s the main character of the Oro and Rival Schools television series. Most people know Oro from his appearance in Ken’s ending. He also has a playable character in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and he’s also been featured in the official art for the game. This time, we finally get to see him in action.

Street Fighter V’s new characters, Oro and Rival Schools’ Akira, are among the most popular options for new fighters. The newcomers will join current Street Fighter V champions at launch, with the game’s launch set for early 2017. The characters will be playable in both online and offline gameplay modes.

Capcom gave our first look at Rival Schools’ Akira and Oro, two new characters arriving to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition as part of the Season 5 pass, which also includes Dan and Rose, in the latest livestream for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Akira Kazama, who first appeared in the legendary fighting game Rival Schools in 1997, will make her Street Fighter V debut later this year, and Capcom has published a teaser to see her in action.

We got our first look at Oro and Rival Schools’ Akira in Street Fighter V this week. He may not have been a fan favorite in the Street Fighter V beta, but fans of the long-running fighting game series can look forward to seeing the young Japanese prodigy in action in the full release game.. Read more about sfv season 5 characters leak and let us know what you think.


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