When it comes to playing Coin Master, one of the most important things you can do is protect your village. And one of the best ways to do that is by activating Ghost Mode.

In this post, we’ll show you how to activate Coin Master Ghost Mode and protect your village from would-be attackers.

What Is Coin Master Ghost mode?

Coin Master Ghost mode is a sophisticated security feature for the famous Coin Master game. When this mode is enabled, users may conceal their game progress from other players and protect their town from attackers. This permits them to concentrate on expanding their resources without fear of being invaded.

All additional coins and shields are concealed from the raiding player while Ghost mode is active. The village will also seem empty since the user’s village name will be hidden while in ghost mode. As a consequence, an invading player has a tough time determining which towns have been protected by Ghost mode and which have not.

Enabling Ghost Mode is as easy as clicking a button in the settings section of Coin Master’s app or web page. In addition to increased security, it may assist players save time by eliminating the need to manually guard their communities.

How To Activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

Coin Master Ghost Mode is a feature that enables players to remain unseen during raids in the game. When this option is enabled, other players will be unable to identify and attack your settlement.

It is easy to enable Ghost Mode. To begin, launch the Coin Master app and touch on the 🎭 symbol in the upper-right corner of your screen. This will launch a menu with the option “Activate Ghost Mode” at the bottom. Tap the option to instantaneously become cloaked. If other players manually search for your town, it will still display on their maps, but they will not get any warnings when you are attacked.

You may also turn off ghost mode at any time by touching on the same 🎭 symbol.

How To Deactivate Ghost Mode in Coin Master?

The Coin Master Ghost Mode is a function meant to assist Coin Masters in protecting their communities from assault. When activated, Ghost Mode prohibits other Coin Masters from watching and assaulting your community. If you wish to play without the security of this function, you may turn it off at any moment.

To turn off Ghost Mode in Coin Master, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Choose “Ghost Mode”.
  3. Then choose “Off” to disable the function.

This will enable other players to view your town again and, if desired, assault it. Before turning off Ghost Mode, make sure you’re ready for this sort of action, since some gamers may opt to use this knowledge against you.

Advantages of Coin Master Ghost Mode

Coin Master Ghost Mode is a gaming feature that enables players to hide their activity in villages in order to avoid being assaulted by other players. This mode may be thought of as a shield of protection; it hides your town from the gaze of other players, keeping your cash and cards secure.

By using Ghost Mode, you may shield yourself from impending raids while still participating in the Coin Master game. Furthermore, engaging Coin Master Ghost Mode might save you a significant amount of time. While your town may still be invaded while in this mode, you won’t have to worry about who or when it occurred since no one will be able to observe your progress or know who attacked them. As a result, there will be no need for retaliation or vengeance assaults, saving all players time and resources.

Finally, this function minimizes tension and anxiety by removing the constant threat of being raided by another player.

The disadvantages of Ghost Mode in Coin Master

In Coin Master, Ghost Mode lets players to defend their towns from invasions while also prohibiting them from raiding other players. Although this might be useful in certain situations, there are some disadvantages to using Ghost Mode.

  • When Ghost Mode is enabled, players are unable to harvest cash from villages or raid other users’ villages. Users may find it challenging to continue and finish everyday activities as a result of this.
  • Second, Ghost Mode might be perplexing for novice players since it does not provide much information regarding its mechanics.
  • Finally, even if Ghost Mode shields the player’s hamlet from raids, the user must still spend money to spin the slot machine and receive prizes. As a result, they will swiftly exhaust their resources since they will gain no cash from raids or robberies while in Ghost Mode.

How To Use Ghost Mode in the Correct Way?

In Coin Master, Ghost Mode enables you to safeguard your community from attacks. When enabled, your town will seem abandoned, and other players will be unable to assault or raid it until the ghost mode expires. Using Ghost Mode correctly entails taking precautions to guarantee the best possible security for your community.

Before you activate Ghost Mode, always make sure you have enough cash saved up to buy stuff for developing and renovating your community. During Ghost Mode, all new building and upgrade development is halted, therefore having enough resources will ready you for when the protection expires.

Second, create a reminder for when Ghost Mode expires so you know when it does and can respond promptly.

The ghost mode in Coin Master is an excellent technique to defend oneself against raids, but it must be utilized properly. Keep these suggestions in mind to ensure that you utilize Ghost Mode correctly and gain the most protection for your community:

  • Always make sure you have enough cash saved up to buy stuff for developing and renovating your community.
  • Create a reminder for when Ghost Mode expires.

How To Interact with Friends?

Interacting with friends in Coin Master may be an excellent strategy to advance in the game. You and your pals may trade Coins, send Spins, and even give each other rare Cards. However, if you don’t want to leave your Village vulnerable to assault from your pals, there are several safeguards you may take. The best method is to enable the Ghost Mode function.

Ghost Mode enables you to enjoy all of the advantages of engaging with your Friends while protecting your Village from attackers. When enabled, you may still give and receive Coins, Spins, and Cards from your Friends, but they can’t assault or raid your Village. Simply press on the Shield symbol in the upper right corner of the screen that displays when you pick an online buddy to enable Ghost Mode. When activated, a purple ghost will display next to their profile photo.

When you enable Ghost Mode for a particular Friend, be sure to keep it active for as long as you desire that person’s protection.

Make Use of Shields To Defend Your Village

Defending your community with shields is an important aspect in Coin Master. Shields defend your town from attacks by other players and may be obtained in a variety of methods, including the daily spin or by buying them in the shop.

When you utilize a shield in Coin Master, it will temporarily prevent incoming strikes from other players. Some shields may only last a few hours, whilst others may last up to 24 hours. You may activate numerous shields at the same time, but they all have the same duration. Furthermore, if you utilize three shields in a row without any of them expiring, you will unlock Ghost Mode, which provides extra protection to your town and cash.

In Coin Master, activating shields is a simple and efficient method to defend your community from unwelcome assaults. When playing this game, make full use of your defensive abilities.


After going through the processes of enabling Coin Master Ghost Mode, it is evident that the procedure is simple and uncomplicated. It will assist you in protecting your town from attacks by other players as well as earning cash without hindrance.

However, it is critical to ensure that your playing time adheres to Coin Master’s guidelines and that you stay active in order to avoid being booted out of a clan. Furthermore, knowing about additional Coin Master tips and techniques might help you grow in the game and enjoy it even more.

With all of this in mind, we hope you enjoy your ghost mode gaming experience.


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