Two days ago, NVIDIA launched their new SLI bridge. This is a hardware component that connects two or more graphics cards together on the same motherboard. The purpose of this is to allow for better graphics performance in games by having multiple GPUs working at once. However, not all motherboards have the necessary slots available to accommodate these bridges.

The geforce rtx logo not lighting up is a problem that has been present for a while. Colorful recently released their new SLI bridge which fixes the issue.

I never considered that a SLI bridge might join the market in the same way as any other component. Although it seems unlikely, Colorful has decided to begin manufacturing their new SLI bridge, the iGame SLI HB Bridge, in order to give your setups a more visually pleasing appearance. Some may consider it a dumb or stupid action, but you never know when the world may catch on to a ridiculous fad and everyone will follow suit. Not that this will definitely move in the right way, but we now have something completely fresh on the market.


SLI bridges are used to combine the power of several graphics cards in order to improve gaming performance. Nvidia used to equip graphics cards with capabilities that allowed them to work with up to four other graphics cards, but with the GTX 1000 series, it ceased doing so, restricting compatibility to just two. So, if you want to connect three or four GTX 1080s, you won’t be able to do so since the GTX 1080 only allows two-way configuration. As a result, Colorful has built the SLI bridge to accommodate 2-slot, 3-slot, and 4-slot spacing choices and has made the new bridge compatible with 2-way configuration.

The bridge’s concept is similar to what we see in video games, and I’m not sure how to explain how it appears, despite the lack of prominent branding. The colors are black with red accents, and the bridge has a key-like shape similar to that seen in DOOM 2016. The availability and price of this bridge have yet to be disclosed, however it will be interesting to see whether people utilize it or not, since most people do not use SLI at all.


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The how to control gpu rgb is a new SLI bridge from Colorful. It allows users to control their RGB lighting on their graphics cards with a single cable.


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