The Cooler Master H500P mesh white is finally available for purchase at It has a unique design that allows for superior airflow and cooling performance, as well as the ability to keep your system running cool even when it’s overclocked.

The cooler master h500p mesh argb is finally available. It is the successor to the H500P and it has a new look and feel.

The Cooler Master H500P (original version) was the most touted case of 2017, yet it also turned out to be one of the worst. This is due to the fact that the case’s primary goal of increased airflow was not met. Following the backlash, Cooler Master updated their original model and debuted the mesh variant at CES 2018.

Instead of the plastic glass panel that was in the previous edition, this case now has a mesh front panel that allows for greater airflow, as it should. Not only that, but there have been many modifications to the casing, such as the front panel is no longer loose and will not fall out simply by moving it about.


The casing is now now available in White, which looks great and includes a perfectly adjusted side tempered glass panel. The inside of the box is also entirely white, with black rubber grommets large enough to conceal the wires. Cable management is particularly great in this instance, with covers that conceal the wires even if the second side panel isn’t installed.

It comes with two front-facing 200mm intake fans, which are designed to bring tremendous airflow in from the front to keep the chassis cool. Furthermore, Cooler Master designed it to accommodate up to 360mm radiators on both the top and front, ensuring that airflow is balanced, which is not often the case with mid-towers.

In terms of availability, the case will be available for presale in North America on February 27th for $149.99, and will subsequently be available globally soon after.

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The cooler master h500p mesh review is a gaming computer case that is available at for $139.99.


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