The creator of the infamous Overwatch hack, which caused Blizzard to ban over 10 million users from their game, was sent to prison by a South Korean court. This is the first time a developer has been sentenced for creating an illegal program in South Korea.

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As the days pass, we see more and more developers taking harsh action against hackers or the creators of such hacks that alter a player’s morals. We recently saw PUBG Corp. take a bold step against hackers, arresting 15 gamers for selling or using hacks in-game, and now we’ve come across a case where a South Korean man was charged with creating a hack for the Overwatch game, earning him around $180,000, and is now facing twelve months in prison.


While other prior hacks were charged with probation and a heavy fine, this one is leading the charge of incarceration owing to the profit earned with the assistance of this hack.

Other gaming developers are currently taking strict measures against such hackers, as using such software gives an unfair amount of advantage to the user, ruining the fun of the game. Today, many gamers would agree that CS:GO is one of the games where hacking is quite prevalent, and VALVE, unlike PUBG, Overwatch, or Fortnite, is not quite able to handle such hackers.

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In 2016, South Korea classified the development and distribution of aimbots, wall-hacks, and other cheating services as illegal conduct. Blizzard Korea claims that they seek to establish a fair atmosphere for players and raise the game’s morale.


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