Since 2012, Counter-Strike matches have become a legendary gaming adventure. Millions of fans worldwide know how to manage gameplay in detail. They can apply various strategies in order to achieve the desired results. However, the game proved itself unexpected and sudden.

Every gun in CS:GO could work in particular situations. Some individuals don’t consider those nuances, so they come up with bad decisions and purchase weapons that they don’t really employ. Fortunately, CS:GO needs a lot of time and effort to achieve the desired level of success. The whole thing can be full of surprises, not all of which are pleasant. Let us see uncommon situations that happen throughout the gameplay from time to time.

Killfeed Modifiers

While completing various missions, players collect blind kills, smoke kills, wall bangs, and no scopes. How many of them are considered to be acceptable? Which one of them promises solid results in a short time? It takes some time to figure out how things work here and what brings the maximum benefits. Wallbangs happen to be the most common type of kill modifier, as they allow you to see part of the enemy. Despite being the most common, they still make an average punter get zero wall bang kills in most matches.

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Noscopes are the rarest type to deal with. They can be acquired with a sniper rifle in your hands only. Otherwise, the whole thing doesn’t make any sense. Someone who goes for one no scope in a match will most likely collect even more for personal statistics. Blind kills are a pure source of luck for the average player. So the possibility of getting 3 in a single match goes down to 1 in 20,000. Now you can appreciate the rarity of these icons more each time they appear in the game.

Weapon-Specific Kills

As for the more unusual weapons like the knife and Zeuz kills, they also have some strange tendencies. Zeus demonstrates the same behavior as the no scope. However, the success frequency has less dynamic decline compared to knife kills. This means that punters prefer using the blade rather than the Zeus. However, those who use the last one are more determined to destroy the enemies. Finding the relevant information in this regard can be complicated. Checking CS:GO stats at can be a reasonable solution to your gaming endeavors.

The Rarest Skins to Use in CS:GO

The most unusual skin in the CS:GO environment doesn’t always refer to costly ones. In most cases, it involves the single version of the knife in pattern 387. If any other skin is about to take the leadership in rarity, it probably won’t be soon.

Here are Even More Rare Skins to Rely on:

  • AWP Gungnir
  • AK-47 Fire Serpent
  • Karambit Case Harderne, etc.

How is it Possible to Earn Money with CS:GO Skins?

The best thing about CS:GO is that it is associated with an independent segment where players can profit with skins. After each live CS:GO match, they can win various cases that can then be revealed and potentially become worth solid amounts of money. There are lots of pricey CS:GO skins to benefit from. These cases involve the rarest CS:GO skins, as punters reveal hundreds of patients daily while adding the most expensive CS:GO skin to the local assortment. This is where players have relative freedom to act properly.

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Players can make money with CS:GO skins by making solid investments in them. Similar to any type of investment, there’s always a certain kind of risk, making it important to ensure your purchase decisions are thought-through. There’s money to be made in the short and long run, so followers of CS:GO esports can enjoy the maximum benefits.

In-game skins are not the only solution to focus on. In fact, punters can earn money on CS:GO skins through independent websites. They participate in CS:GO betting with skins, so they wager on the competitive scene using skins they’ve bought from the Steam environment. In this case, the potential for players to acquire valuable CS:GO skins is better than ever. It’s worth a little check, especially for punters with inventories of skins that aren’t meant to be used.


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