CS:GO’s new Panorama UI is live but currently in Beta. The update will make the game more accessible to players with low-end computers and those who don’t have a high-end monitor.

CS:GO’s new Panorama UI is live but currently in Beta. The new UI will be released on public servers on Thursday, April 12th. Read more in detail here: when did csgo come out.

The rumor that has been floating about for a while is now taking form. Yes! I’m referring to the new Counter-Strike Global Offensive UI. Our favorite game CSGO got a significant aesthetic upgrade earlier today in the form of the all-new Panorama UI. And, according to VALVE, this will be the most significant update to the game’s UI since its 2012 debut. Numerous updates and patches have been made available for this game throughout its time in the gaming world, ranging from new weapons or weapon skins, in-game changes, map upgrades, and weapon tweaks, but this is the biggest graphic update that the game has ever given.

According to their most recent tweet on Twitter, this update will alter the whole UI in-game that players can access, including the main menu, scoreboard, and so on. The following is a link to a post that has some images of the new update:



— Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (@CSGO) on June 19, 2018

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However, this is VALVE’s second game to get the Panorama UI, the first being DOTA 2, which got the upgrade last year. This new version has not yet been officially published, since VALVE has released it in Beta mode exclusively for community input, and it will be accessible to everyone once everything is completed. Check out this link for additional information on how to gain access to the Beta.


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