This week in our series of blog posts on Cube World Pets, we take a look at the star of our latest video, Bumblebee! Bumblebee is a nice looking, cute little cube world pet. He’s a little smaller than most of the other cube world pets, but he’s still really cute. He’s got a little bit of a mad scientist look about him, which makes my inner child really happy.

It’s the pet simulator you’ve been waiting for. Live your pet’s life in a unique world, filled with hundreds of colorful creatures. Build your pet’s habitat, manage their diet, socialize them, and train them to be the best pet they can be.

In 1993, a cube in the middle of the screen in Super Mario World was the highest-grossing video game character to that point. Since then, the simple art of the platformer has dominated the video game landscape and continues to do so to this day.  In Cube World Pets, you are the person responsible for the health and happiness of your pet! From small, cute creatures like hedgehogs and canaries to big, mean, vicious cats and dangerous creatures like dragons and bears, your job is to make the best of the cube world.  Feeding, playing with, and caring for your pets will bring you a lot of joy, and there are many ways to do so. Play with different pets, or start a family

In Cube World, you may tame the following critters. To tame (charm) a pet, you must first equip the item that the creature enjoys (see below) and approach it. The beast will be tamed in a few seconds. (Hearts may be seen over their heads.) Note that taming elite and higher level pets is more difficult, but it is doable.

Renaming: Type /namepet [name] to rename your pet.

Alpaca Cupcake with Vanilla Flavor
Alpacas are a kind of alpaca that (Brown) Cupcakes made with chocolate
Bark Beetle is a kind of beetle that lives Bread
Bat Juice from a mango


Bunny Carrot
Bummblebee Roll of Biscuits
Camel Cookie made with dates
a cat (Black) Candy
Chicken Bar of Cereal
Collie Bubblegum
Crab Cocktail with strawberries
Crocodile Rings of Apples
Crow Candy made with licorice
Duckbill Candy made with sugar
Fly Basket of Fruit
Hornet Popcorn
Horse Apples Candied
Beetle with a Lemon Flavor tarte au citron
Midge Ice cream made with melon
Mole Donuts made with chocolate
Monkey Split Banana
Mosquito Juice of the Blood Orange
Owl Lollipop
Parrot Tartlets with Ginger
Peacocks Cookie made with chocolate
Penguin Softice
Pig Mash of Pumpkins
Porcupine Marmalade made with blackberries
Raccoons Cake made with chocolate
Athlete (Desert) Chocolate Caramel Bar
Athlete (Jungle) Chocolate Mint Bar
Athlete (Plain)

Bar of Milk Chocolate

Athlete (Snow) Bar of White Chocolate
Seagull Caramelized Salt
Sheep Cotton Candy is a sweet treat.
Slime Jelly in purple, yellow, blue, and green colors
Snout Beetle is a kind of beetle that has a Lolly
Spitter Water Ice
Squirrel Cake with Strawberries
Terrier Waffles
Terrier is a dog breed (Scottish) Croissant
Turtle Roll with Cinnamon

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Cube World Pets is a game planned for release in 2017 where you can keep and take care of cute pets. The pets in the game will be called Cubes and you can take care of them as if you are their owner. When you are happy with your pet’s behaviour and happiness, you can decide to make them grow or to adopt them new pets.. Read more about cube world licorice candy and let us know what you think.

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You can get pets in Cube World by finding a pet egg.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you tame in cube world?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You need to tame a cube by clicking on it and then right-clicking on the cube.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What does Curry tame in cube world?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Curry is a type of pet that can be tamed in Cube World.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get pets in cube world?

You can get pets in Cube World by finding a pet egg.

How do you tame in cube world?

You need to tame a cube by clicking on it and then right-clicking on the cube.

What does Curry tame in cube world?

Curry is a type of pet that can be tamed in Cube World.


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