Cube World is a great game, but for some of you the game goes by too quickly. If that’s the case then you should check out this guide. It will help you get the most out of the game.

Water is the most valuable resource in Cube World. However, the same can be said for the most valuable resource in the real world. Water is the source of life and death, and is needed to survive. But how do you restore the water on your land? You can’t just dig a well and start pumping. To do that, you must find the source, and that is a Water Mage.

How to level up fast? What to do to get the highest amount of experience in a short time? What are the best items to collect? The answers to these questions and more are listed in this Cube World water mage guide.

Evetss has created a Cube World water mage guide. It explains how to play the class, provides general advice and tactics, examines abilities, displays a spec, and more.

I didn’t get to level 100 by grinding dungeons or using a cheat engine. Also, although I don’t mind individuals utilizing dungeons or cheat engines to get to a high level, I believe you’re limiting yourself in terms of the quantity of material you see.


As evidence that I didn’t accomplish those things, here is my current map. (When the map becomes too large, it starts cutting off parts of the farther zones.) As you can probably see, I played the game by keeping to one seed and going from mission to mission before moving on to the next zone. This, I believe, provided me with the greatest opportunity to sample all of the material presently accessible in alpha.


  • Attention/Threat – Aggro
  • AoE stands for “Area of Effect.”
  • Line of Sight (LoS) is a term that refers to the distance between two points.
  • Getting struck by a tank
  • DPS stands for Damage Per Second.
  • Hit on a critical level

Tips/Strategies for Everyone

  • Second Seed – In the early game, I did utilize a second seed (world) to re-spec and acquire flasks. This may be considered cheating, however I find that going to town to re-spec gets tiresome and slows down my enjoyment of the game.

  • Resurrecting Pets – If you click your pet out of the equipment slot and then re-equip it, it will stand at your side regardless of whether it is living or dead. This is also helpful if your pet gets separated from you. When I was flying the hang glider, this was a common occurrence for me.

  • Turtle is the Best – These guys are tamed with cinnamon rolls and they are complete bad-asses. The more I try different pets, the less this is becoming an opinion. Here… Cube-World-Water-Mage-Guide can see that the thing has about 500 more hp than me. He is the only pet that isn’t completely useless on boss fights. All other pets I have tried are just constantly dead from general AoE during boss. Also I think I heard that it also has a stun and on occasion he will grab aggro and tank for a few hits.

  • Visiting a Town – I receive 50 flasks and 50 water-filled flasks when I visit a town, and I make sure I’ve utilized all of my Heartflowers to create as many healing potions as possible. This enables me to make as many healing potions as possible without having to return. Also, look for lamps, equipment, and recipes at shops. Purchase all green quality (or above) goods that are appropriate to your class and level. I’d also purchase items that were above my level so that I wouldn’t have to return to that town once I reached that level.

  • Crafting – While leveling at lower levels, this should be done at every town visit. Crafting at a lesser level provided me with a lot of equip improvements. Also, at lower levels, I wouldn’t suggest spending wood/gold for customizing since you won’t have the same weapon for long, and you’ll frequently be able to build a superior weapon.

  • Traveling – Before they have access to all of their fighting skills, I notice a lot of individuals use their skill points on hang gliding and horseback riding. At low levels, this is a terrible idea. I didn’t receive any quicker travel options until I was about level 25, and even then, I didn’t put any points into hang gliding AND riding. I would suggest investing skill points into riding before hang gliding since putting points into your pet’s health will give you greater combat efficiency than climbing. As a mage, climbing is mostly pointless since teleport can be utilized in nearly every scenario where climbing would be useful. In addition, if you use hang gliding at a low level, you will lose a lot of xp when you glide over it.

Abilities of a Water Mage

  • Torrent – A combination is formed when you strike your opponent repeatedly. The greater your combo, the quicker your cast time becomes, until the number becomes blue, which I believe indicates that the combination has achieved its maximum efficacy. (I’m not sure about this section)

  • Puddle Mechanic – When utilizing bracelets or wands, a blue circle will emerge at your enemy’s feet, and if you step inside the circle, you will get small healing. (Without the graphics, the effect is the same.)

  • Mouse 1 – Water Swirl if you have a staff, Water Drop if you have a wand, and Water Drop if you have bracelets. This is your mana-free spamming ability. You should probably use this skill if you’re in good health. This ability also does splash damage, regardless of the weapon used.

  • Mouse 2 – Water Vortex if you have a staff, Water Salvo if you have a wand, and Water Splash if you have wristbands. All of them do greater damage, cost 30 mana, have a cast time, and may stun your opponent. Every three hits, there seems to be a possibility of stun. If your opponent’s name is orange or above, you have a lower probability.

  • Healing Stream – Spending points in the Healing Stream box in your talent tree unlocks this ability. While you invest more points in this ability, the quantity of mp required when it casts is reduced. The basic cost of one point in the skill is 93.18 mp, and it heals for approximately 70% of your entire health. (When you cast it for the full cost of mana.) It doesn’t need the entire mana cost to cast. It will only heal for the amount of mana you expend.

  • Mana Shield – Spending points in the Mana Shield box in your talent tree unlocks this ability, which needs at least 5 points in the Healing Stream box. The cooldown is reduced by investing more points in this ability. The skill’s basic cooldown is 19.09 seconds when it has one point. It absorbs damage, but I can’t seem to figure out how much it absorbs.

  • Teleport – Spending points in the Teleport box in your skill tree unlocks this ability, which needs at least 5 points in the Healing Stream box and 5 points in the Mana Shield box. The cooldown is reduced by investing more points in this ability. The skill’s basic cooldown is 15.09 seconds when it has one point. Teleport sends you a long distance in the direction of your reticle and may be used horizontally or vertically.

Water Mage Specialization

Here is my current spec: 1626570476_100_Cube-World-Water-Mage-Guide The reason for no swimming or boating is because I don’t care for Ocean biomes so when I run into them I just turn the other way. Spec is only really important in the early game, gear becomes much more important as you progress.

  • Focus on combat skills in a manner of Mana Shied > Healing Stream > Pet Health.
  • In the early stages, I put a lot of points into Mana Shield since it seems to be the stronger fighting ability.
  • Don’t feel compelled to acquire Teleport early on since it won’t significantly improve your fighting skills.
  • Wait a bit before speccing into anything travel-related, like I said before, since it will impair your combat effectiveness in the early game.
  • I recommend Riding over Hang Gliding because Pet Health > Climbing.

Combat Strategy for Water Mage

  • Use the puddle mechanism to its maximum potential. The self heals may seem little at first, but once you have a full hit combination going, they quickly pile up. So, either stay in melee or utilize LoS to draw in range creatures.

  • Pre-Shield – Before confronting a tough mob or group of mobs, I cast Mana Sheild and then wait for the cooldown to expire before engaging. This enables me to utilize a second Mana Shield as soon as the first one wears out. Also, anytime you are in battle, once Mana Shield comes off cool down, you should always utilize it since it costs no mana.

  • Son-of-a-Witch – To take down witches/wizards (and most tough confrontations), I utilize a Pre-Shield, then engage with one Mouse 2 ability before spamming Mouse 1. To get the most out of the Puddle Effect, you should engage in melee combat. I’m going to spam dodge until they stop using more lazers than Lazer Floyd. (Pre-Sheilding should give you some wiggle room.) If you didn’t use all of your mana, you should still have some. Use this mana to stun them with Mouse 2, then wait until they get up before casting Mouse 2. (You can’t stun them when they’re stunned.)

  • +4 Melee Bosses – Some Melee bosses will just crit you for three times your current health. I cope with this by never allowing the boss to strike me. This is accomplished by kiting the boss in a linear manner by teleporting past him, then dps’ing, then spam dodging past him when the boss comes close, then running for a while, then turning 180 and teleporting. For the stun, spend all of your mana on Mouse 2. (This will provide you with more DPS time.) If you are struck by more than one shot, I’d suggest utilizing health potions rather than mana from Healing Stream.

  • +4 Range Bosses – I usually utilize Athene’s PvP Strat for tough boss battles that include a strong hitting range mob. For those who are unfamiliar, all you have to do is locate a column of some sort and constantly LoS it. Spam Mouse 2 and then return to LoS until you reach full mana. If you are knocked down or injured in any way, use Pre-Shielding and Heal.

Please provide any more suggestions or advice for creating a mage in Cube World in the comments section below. Thank you for your donations and for taking the time to visit the site. Return to the Cube World page.

After all the success that Cube World had, it comes as no surprise that they would add a new class of heroes. Or rather, they add a new class that has been requested by the community. It’s the Water Mage! These guys are the undisputed masters of water, being able to use it to their advantage in all sorts of ways.. Read more about cube world classes and let us know what you think.

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