Dark Souls 2 is imitating a memory game, in which you have to collect items. You need to find a Giant Memory of a memory from the memory game, within the environment of the Dark Souls 2. The Giant memory is a huge memory, which you must collect in the environment of Dark Souls 2. With the help of my guide, you will be able to collect the memory within seconds and this will result in a major achievement that will be published on my blog. I will also be able to tell you how to farm giant memories.

Dark Souls 2 has a very unique system for leveling up.  There are only 12 levels instead of the usual 20, and the experience and loot from dying  are doubled. This means that you can kill a boss on, say level 4, and get experience and loot, then level to 8, and kill a boss again and get double the experience and loot, and start over again.  This makes farming very important, and Giant Memories is one way to do it.  This guide will teach you how to farm Giant Memories, as well as give you some tips and tricks.

In Dark Souls 2 , a player can use an item called the Giant’s Memory to farm souls for experience. These Giant’s Memories are a kind of buff that lasts for a certain period of time, and it allows players to increase the amount of souls they collect via this method. Although it’s possible to obtain all the Giant’s Memories, some of them are hidden away in areas unavailable to players. In this guide, I will show you how to farm some of these hidden Giant’s Memories and obtain the buffs you need to achieve the next level, and some of these buffs can be used for other purposes.

Here’s a walkthrough for farming Giant Memories in Dark Souls 2. The guide was provided by Fewty.

Hello and welcome to my farming tutorial for Giant Memories. This agricultural path costs 1 Bonfire Ascetic and enables you to collect:

  • 2 Ascetics of the Bonfire
  • 2 Titanite Twinkling
  • 1 Vessel of Soul
  • Approximately 335 thousand souls

As a result, you may farm an endless number of rare items.

This guide will not cover 100% of the things accessible in these regions since it assumes the reader has previously finished and acquired all of the items from the Giant Memories. For speed efficiency, only the helpful rare goods and big souls (10k and 20k) are worth picking up.

To maximize souls (+2 if you have it), I suggest wearing the Covetous Silver Serpeant Ring +1. You could also wear Tseldora or Jester Gloves, but my Smelter Armor allows me to take a single hit if I make a mistake. Section 1: Begin by going to the Forest of Fallen Giants’ 4th campfire, The Place Unbenownst.

  • Ascetic, light a bonfire here.
  • Pick up the 2x Twinkling Titanite by descending the cliff.
  • With a Homeward Bone/Homeward Miracle/Aged Feather, you can warp back to the campfire.

Section 2: The first memory is Memory of Jeigh, which is located near the fourth campfire. This is easiest to accomplish with high ranged damage, thus you may want to respec into a spell caster if you’re going to acquire unlimited Soul Vessels anyhow.

  • Enter Jeigh’s Memory.
  • The most important thing to remember here is to stay away from the fire balls.
  • With that in mind, make your way up the stairwell and onto the battlements through the mist.
  • There’s a little stairway on your left; climb it and take the Bonfire Ascetic (it’s already paid for itself!).
  • Return to the ground and go ahead along the right-hand wall; the giants should be defeated by the stone head.
  • The boss, the Giant Lord, is up ahead. Avoid his initial assault by heading up the left-hand mini-staircase.
  • The more ranged damage you can do, the less patience you’ll need in this battle.
  • Return with ONE attack after deflecting an attack. Play it safe since this man will most certainly one-shot you. Because you require space to dodge right, moving to the left while firing will make it simpler to dodge past his horizontal assault (minimizes contact with the sword and thus number of i-frames needed to survive).
  • If you use the Covetous Silver Serpeant Ring +1, you’ll get the Giant Lord’s Soul (worth 25k) and a Giant’s Ring +2, as well as somewhere about 170-180k souls.
  • A Fire Seed is there on the platform with you.
  • A Divine Blessing is below and to your right.
  • At the end, go down into the door and let the memories go.

Warp to the second bonfire in Section 3 – Cardinal Tower. Return to Vammar’s Memory (the one near where you meet Pate). You may complete this memory without fighting anything, however I suggest wearing a 2 handed high stability shield in case you need to take a blow.

  • Enter Vammar’s Memory.
  • In the first room there are 2 doors, through the left one is a chest with Smooth & Silky Stone and a Petrified Something.
  • The door immediately ahead leads to a hallway with a giant inside; I’ve found that if he backs away from the door, you may go past him.
  • A Fire Seed may be found at the end of the passageway.
  • Two more giants emerge through the breach in the wall. The strategy is to circle to the right of the first monster and then spam between them, moving forward and left, until you can circle left around the second giant.
  • The guards battle giants in the next segment. Sprint along the left side of the road, past the shelters, and straight towards the door immediately ahead.
  • There is a ladder to your right in this chamber; climb it. The fireball giants should’ve leapt off the structure, leaving a Soul of a Great Hero and a Bonfire Ascetic unprotected.
  • Return to the top of the ladder and exit via the opposite door, using the steps to your left.
  • Do your best to dodge this final monster, who will smash you right through your shield for a 1-2 hit kill.
  • Either run out the door or attempt to grab the object on the far end of the room, which is a Soul of a Great Hero.
  • With a Homeward Bone/Homeward Miracle/Aged Feather, you can warp back to the campfire.

Head to Orro’s Memory, Section 4 (past where you fight The Pursuer). In this one, you’ll have to battle adversaries, but just hollows; giants may be avoided.

  • Enter Orro’s Memory.
  • Ascend the stairwell and deal with the four hollowed infantry.
  • There’s a Pharos Lockstone device in here, so activate it (it won’t be reset by the Bonfire Ascetic, so you just have to do it once) and enter the hidden chamber.
  • The chest holds 3x Soul of a Hero and is imprisoned, so be cautious.
  • Return to the ground level and exit via the other door.
  • When you exit the building, immediately turn right to find a Soul of a Great Hero and a Soul Vessel.
  • Turn around and go along the left side of the wall until you come to a ladder, then climb it.
  • The treasure on the roof is 3x Wilted Dusk Herbs, so kill the two archers and grab the loot. If you don’t play a caster, you may not be interested in this.
  • Return to the bonfire with a Homeward Bone/Homeward Miracle/Aged Feather, then repeat the process to the fourth bonfire. 🙂

Please provide any more suggestions, tips, secrets, or methods for harvesting memories in Dark Souls 2 in the comments section below. Thank you for your donations and for taking the time to visit the site.


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Dark Souls 2 has been out for just over 2 months, but if you’ve been on this site for a while, you know that there is still a ton of stuff to find and farm. This guide will help you get everything you need to farm memories and giant souls.. Read more about dark souls 2 memory of jeigh coop and let us know what you think.

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