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This is my first article of “g15tools”. With this article, I want to present you the basics of “Dark Souls 2”. I will also introduce some of the basic statistics of “Dark Souls 2”. From now, I will introduce you some softcaps in “Dark Souls 2”.

There is a lot of multiplayer statistics going on for Dark Souls 2, and I’ll be covering the basics of what you need to know about this game. Dark Souls 2 is the sequel to the hit game, Dark Souls. Dark Souls was a difficult game, and now Dark Souls 2 is a more difficult game. Softcaps, Softcap list, Softcap definition, Softcap in Dark Souls 2, Softcap for Dark Souls 2, Softcap for Dark Souls 2 PC, Softcap for Dark Souls 2 PC.

Here’s a guide to Dark Souls 2 stats, softcaps, and fundamentals.

The following is a general summary of the main statistics, along with some notes:


  • Increases your HP by 30 points (0-20), 20 points (21-50), and 5 points (0-5). (51-99)
  • Petrify resistance (PR) is increased by 0.25 PR each count (0-25), or 0.65 per point (26-99)
  • The Swordsman is the class with the lowest Vigor (4), while the Knight has the greatest (12).
  • When you die, your maximum HP is reduced by 10%, bringing it down to 50% of your maximum HP.
  • When you are cursed, your maximum HP is reduced by 10%, and you may be cursed several times. You cannot die from being cursed, unlike in Dark Souls 1.
  • You may use a Human Effigy to restore your maximum HP if it has been reduced by death or curse.
  • After being called and completing your mission, you may regain your humanity and maximum HP percent (with the white soapstone or small white soapstone)


  • Increases your stamina by 2 stamina each point (0-20), with an additional +1 stamina per point (21-99)
  • Physical defense, composure, and agility are all improved.
  • Each point increases your HP by +2 HP (0-20), +1HP (21-50), and +0HP at 50. (51-99)
  • The amount of endurance needed to roll and do other tasks is determined by our load.


  • For levels 0-29, Vitality increases equipment load by 1.5 equipment load per point, 1 equip load point for levels 30-49, 0.5 equip load per point for levels 50-70, and 0.5 equip load every two points for levels 70 and above (71-99)
  • Increases your physical defense and poison resistance.
  • Additionally, each point improves your HP by +2 HP (0-20), +1 HP (21-50), and +0 HP at 100. (51-99)
  • Your equipment load must be 70% or less of your Equipment Load to roll quickly.
  • By donning Dragon Rings, the Royal Soldier’s Ring, Sinner’s Mask, or the Aurous Set, you may raise your maximum equipment load.


  • Your defense and agility are controlled by this characteristic. Poison and bleed resistance are also improved.
  • This increases your poison bonus.
  • Poison, petrify, curse, and bleed resistance are all increased.
  • Enhances poise and agility. (
  • Increases HP by +2 HP for levels 0-20, +1 HP for levels 21-50, and 0 HP for levels 51-99 for each point spent.
  • Adaptability also allows you to utilize healing items more quickly. (Lifegems, Estus Flasks, and Divine Blessings are among the items.)
  • With each point gained in adaptation, your shield rising speed improves.
  • Higher adaptability allows you to avoid attacks more easily since it increases the amount of invincibility frames available during rolls. (The animation is unaffected.)
  • It also aids parrying, since more adaptability increases the number of frames required to complete a good parry in the parry animation. (However, the animation stays the same.)


  • Sorceries and other spells need this characteristic. It demonstrates your mastery of magic and dark ATK and DEF while also increasing casting speed.
  • It increases the magic boost.
  • Increases your dark and fire bonuses.
  • Increases your protection against fire, darkness, and magic.
  • Increases HP by 2 HP for levels 0-20, +1 HP for levels 21-50, and 0 HP for levels 51-99 for each point gained.
  • Casting Sorceries and Hexes requires a certain level of intellect. 
  • Intelligence is also required for a few unique weapons.
  • The amount of Affinity is affected by intelligence (40 INT = 3 Orbs, 50 INT = 4 Orbs, and 60 INT = 5 Orbs).
  • The amount of Homing Soul Mas and Homing Crystal Soul Mass is affected by intelligence (15 INT = 2 Orbs, 24 INT = 3 Orbs, and 40 INT = 5 Orbs).


  • Strength is necessary for wielding more powerful weapons and increases weapon attack. It also improves your ability to shatter your opponents’ guard.
  • Increases attack for weapons with a strength scale.
  • For every 4 combined points invested in strength, your physical defense is increased by 1-4.
  • It boosts your HP by +2 at levels 0-20, +1 at levels 21-50, and 0 at levels 51-99.
  • To effectively handle most heavy armors and weapons, a certain amount of strength is required. Armor now includes a scaling component that provides extra physical protection depending on your current level of physical defense. This is the overall physical defense you get by leveling up your STR, DEX, END, and VIT as well as the physical defense you have without any equipment.
  • When you use two hands to wield a weapon, your power is multiplied by two.


  • Certain weapons that need dexterity must be wielded with dexterity. (Weapons have a minimum DEX requirement that must be fulfilled before they can be effectively used.) It also increases poison and bleed effects.
  • Increases attack and poison / bleed bonus for weapons that scale with dexterity.
  • It marginally improves your physical defense.
  • Increases your HP by +2 HP for levels 0-20, +1 HP for levels 21-50, and 0 HP for levels 51-99.
  • Dexterity bonuses have a soft limit of 40.


  • Miracles and other spells need it. It improves your ATK and DEF against fire and lightning. 
  • Increases the speed with which you can perform spells.
  • Increases your bonuses and resistances against fire, lightning, darkness, and bleed.
  • Increases HP by 2 HP for levels 0-20, +1 HP for levels 21-50, and 0 HP for levels 51-99 for each point spent.
  • To cast miracles and hexes, you must have a certain degree of faith.
  • A few unique weapons have their own set of requirements in terms of faith.


  • Increase the number of attunement slots available to you. Max is 75 years old.
  • It increases the maximum number of castings that may be saved. Max is 94 years old.
  • Casting speed, curse resistance, and agility are all increased.
  • Increases HP by +2 HP from 0 to 20, +1 HP from 21 to 50, and 0 HP from 51 to 99.

Stats are described as follows:

  • At the age of 20, Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality achieve their optimum efficiency and begin to decline. From 20 to 50, vigor remains constant before plummeting. After the age of 20, endurance remains constant. Vitality has various caps, with 20 to 30 being acceptable. It really takes a fall after that.
  • As damaging stats (from scaling on weapons or spellcasting equipment), Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith have diminishing returns as well, peaking at 40 before plummeting.
  • Adaptability is a difficult statistic to grasp since it has a subtle impact on so many things. It mostly concerns mobility and defense. Increasing this to 15 or so for basic characters should make them seem a lot more competent in general. It also interacts with Endurance to give your character inherent Poise. Basically, you receive inherent Poise equal to the lesser of the two stats: Endurance or Adaptability. As a result, keeping them equal, say 20 apiece, optimizes your profit.
  • Attunement has been much improved. It boosts casting speed and provides extra charges for all of your equipped spells as you level it up, in addition to providing new spell slots. The most significant soft caps are at the ages of 20 and 40.

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Dark Souls 2 is an action RPG that features a fast-paced, punishing difficulty and numerous achievements/trophy lists. So, how do you get the best out of it? Well, in this blog post I’m going to go over a bunch of statistics and various boss strategies, softcaps, how to get the best out of your character, and I’m also going to include an FAQ section to answer common questions.. Read more about dark souls 2 stats explained and let us know what you think.

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