Playing Dark Souls II as a Pyromancer (a melee class) is often a frustrating experience, but it’s a great one when you get it right. Like any melee type character, Pyromancers have to contend with heavy damage from enemy attacks, making it difficult to keep up with the damage output needed in order to stay alive.

We are back with another Dark Souls related post. I was asked to write an article on how to play the Pyromancer character in Dark Souls 2. For those who are unaware, the Pyromancer is an agile character which uses fire to deal damage to his enemies. The Pyromancer has a wide variety of skills and abilities, and I will be going over all of them in this article.

Ever wondered how to get the best pyromancer stats in Dark Souls 3? Well, with our pyromancer ‘stats guide’, you can learn exactly what stats are important for a pyromancer to create a formidable character in the game.

As a Pyromancer in Dark Souls, here are some helpful hints on which stats to prioritize.

Because pyromancers don’t use attunement to get additional spell slots, you should focus your points on endurance, then strength or dexterity for your weapon of choice. If you want to PVP later in the game, you should use dex weapons.

Overview of Pyro Stats:

  • Vitality – This attribute boosts your health and should be your second priority when it comes to soul expenditure.
  • Attunement- This stat increases the amount of spells you can equip. While this may sound essential to a pyro, you only have one spell to equip at the start, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Endurance boosts your stamina, gear load, and defense attributes. Until you reach the age of 40, this should be your main stat. Stamina ceases growing beyond the age of 40.
  • Strength – This characteristic increases weapon attack and is needed to handle more powerful STR weapons. It is suggested that you raise this to 16 to be able to utilize the majority of the weapons you will encounter.
  • Dexterity – Increasing your dexterity enables you to use more powerful DEX weapons while also increasing your attack. It is recommended that you have about 14 dex to be able to utilize a variety of weapons during the game.
  • Resistance – Despite its appearance, this is the least helpful stat in Dark Souls; don’t invest any points in it.
  • Intelligence – While intelligence is needed for sorcery magics, you will not need it as a pyromancer.
  • Faith – This is required for Miracle magics but not for pyromancers.

So, start with Endurance for endurance, defense, and equip load, then add some STR or DEX points to utilize more powerful weapons, and Vitality as required. But don’t skimp on the HP; it’ll come in useful during boss battles.


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