The Dark TG side panel for Define R6 is now available. This new feature allows players to create a unique color scheme for their profile and team.

The define r6 tempered glass side panel dark is a new color option for the Define R6 case.

Release of Information

Sweden, 19 June 2019 – The new Define R6 Dark TG side panel adds a tinted layer of elegance to your Define R6 and is available now. It has a seamless bolt-free design that fits either side and has an attractive push-to-lock latching mechanism for simple internal access. It is compatible with any Define R6 or S2 series cases. It’s the ideal time to replace your case’s tempered glass with dark tinted, scratch-resistant tempered glass.



• Add tempered glass to your Fractal Design case for a sleek, scratch-resistant look.

• Define R6/S2 and Meshify S2 scenarios are both compatible.

• Can be worn on either the left or right side

• Bolt-free, seamless design

• Easy inside access with an elegant push-to-lock mechanism


USD29.99, GBP26.99, EURO30.99, SEK329 for the Define R6 Dark TG Side Panel




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The meshify c side panel is a new feature that has been released for the Define R6. This allows users to create a dark side panel with mesh textures.

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