The second part of this series will cover the functions of the GCM, and what these functions are used for by the game engine. We will be looking at how to make your own tools to analyze your game data, and to create better tools for other people to use.

Last time we looked at building a simple data mining tool. This time we’re going to use the data we have to build a solution that will scale in terms of resources. The solution we’ll build today will allow us to label records in a database, and then be able to run a report with the labels in a query.

fyrestone borderlands 2 data mining

Players of Borderlands 2 are invited to return to the second section of the ‘Data Mining’ tutorial! After raising the pressure on the main pipeline to maximum capacity in the last section, it’s time to blow it up so you can go inside and access the Hyperion Info Stockade. You may smash the pipeline with your car by launching from a nearby ramp, as Mordecai points out. To reach the pipe’s top deck, get out of your car and leap through the pipe’s entrance. You’ll ultimately arrive at the Arid Nexus-Badlands’ entrance.

You’ll find many more historical sites here in the Badlands, but first we’ll need to drive northeast on a road that runs next to one of the pipelines. In the Badlands, Skags will abound, so be prepared to confront a few packs of the vicious creatures. In the first Borderlands, you’ll discover the entrance to Fyrestone, the first settlement you’ll come across. Although there are some JNK loaders in the region, they are rather simple to deal with. Continue westward through the village until you reach a clearing with an overpass looming above. It seems to be quiet enough. That is, until the largest loader you’ve ever seen appears out of nowhere.

Saturn borderlands 2 data mining


Saturn is the boss.

This monster of a loader is tough as nails and armed to the teeth. It’ll start out with basic shock blasts that may destroy your defenses. Saturn may also fire a barrage of winged homing missiles at you, reducing your health to nil. When the environment is bombarding you with attacks, use it as cover. If you come under assault, the tiny outpost to your right has a small area where you may hide. To bring him down as soon as possible, use corrosive weaponry. A corrosive rocket launcher may be very useful in this situation. Keep moving and strike when you get the opportunity. You’ll ultimately be able to take down this formidable machine.

An elevator going up to the overpass may be found not far from your present position. There will be several ammunition boxes at the top if you need to refill your supplies. To get to the Hyperion Info Stockade, go along the overpass. Several loaders and a badass constructor will appear out of nowhere. Remove the lesser loaders and concentrate on the badass constructor. To put a stop to the machine, try using corrosive weaponry once again.

data terminal 2 borderlands 2 data mining


With all you’ve got, storm the Hyperion Info Stockade. The initial wave will include Hyperion hawks and infiltrators. Loaders will rain down from the sky if you get to the second level. Blast your way past them and up to the third level, where you’ll discover the information terminal with the Warrior’s location. More loaders, as well as two builders, will arrive on both sides of the structure. For cover, dash inside the terminal area and begin downloading the data. Defend against the loaders and pick up the information holder after the data has completed downloading. Take out the constructors, but don’t leave right away after they’re gone. Two ladders lead to the top of the Info Stockade, where you’ll discover a beautiful gun chest full of goods.

Return to Sanctuary and give the task to Mordecai to get your prize. It’s finally time to put Jack to death, people.


$214 in cash

Item: your pick of random relic

10474 hours of experience

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