DDR4 was the first major advancement in memory technology since the introduction of DDR3. It has been around for a while now, but it is about to be replaced by its successor, DDR5.

DDR5 is the next generation of memory that will replace DDR4. The release date for DDR5 is 2023.

We just learned that a new Windows OS version would be released in 2025, replacing Windows 10. We’ve also acquired information regarding DDR 5 memory modules that are set to reach the market.


According to Yole Developpement’s anticipated projection research, DDR5 memory modules will take over the whole industry by the end of 2023. The switch from DDR4 to DDR5 will be seamless. It will begin in 2022 and by 2026, it will have fully taken over the market.

According to estimates, DDR5 will see a 25% rise in usage by 2022 and a 50% increase by 2023. By 2026, DDR4 will account for up to 5% of the market.

We’ve already seen a lot of information regarding the DDR5 memory module that has been leaked. Both memory modules will be available in vanilla flavor, as well as with fancy heat spreaders and RGB lighting.

The DDR5 memory architecture will be a significant improvement over the current DDR4 memory architecture. DDR5 memory modules will have almost twice the bandwidth of previous versions. They’ll also run on less power than their predecessors.


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