With the October Update being the much anticipated Halloween Update, it’s no surprise that was the biggest update in Dead By Daylight’s history. In this Dead By Daylight Update, there are many new features and additions to the game. The most talked about of these is Coldwind Farm. As the name of the update suggests, Coldwind Farm is a brand new map and game mode that will be available on November 7, 2018. It is a full map of a farm with a total of 5 new Hordes and one new Survivor for those who want to play on new maps.

Happy 2018!  In case you missed it, Dead By Daylight has been updated today to include even more content.  The 1.4 update added new weapons, new Survivors, and a colorful new map.  That’s not all, though!  The developers also made some changes to the map, including the new addition of Coldwind Farm.  Coldwind Farm is a new map, set on a farm, outside of the town.  There are lots of items to find and a survivor to play as, so Dead By Daylight fans should check it out!

The Dead By Daylight developers are getting closer to the release of the next major update to the game, with the latest leaks and screenshots hinting at new survivors, new killers, and a new area to roam. Today, they released a sneak peek of the upcoming Coldwind Farm map, along with two new images of fans’ favorite killer, the Wraith.

Behaviour Interactive has recently revealed fresh information about the forthcoming update to its 4v1 multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, which will be available for testing in their Player Test Build (PTB) this April, with a few murderers and survivor bonuses tweaked.

It’s very comprehensive, since the Nightmare, Demogorgon, and Twins are all undergoing some modifications. Huntress isn’t changing, but the developers are tweaking some of her add-ons to bring them up to date.

Game for Small Children, Breakthrough, Guardian of the Soul, Hands open, Tactics of Zanshin, Time that has been borrowed, and Obsessional Object have all been tweaked in the PTB for survivors.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on.


The Horrible Nightmare

The Nightmare has distinguished out from the pack for a long time with a very high kill rate, averaging about 3 kills each match. In light of this, we’ve made a few minor adjustments to put him more in line with the rest of the roster.

We lowered his maximum number of placed snares from 8 to 5 and reduced his movement speed when laying a snare to 4.0m/s (previously no speed change). The maximum number of dream pallets has also been lowered from ten to seven.

Changes have also been made to a few add-ons. Add-ons that previously slowed down activities have suddenly increased the volume of different actions (repairing generators, grunts of pain, and footsteps). A new effect in Black Box is that when an escape gate is opened, it is blocked for the following 10 seconds for sleeping Survivors.

The impacts of alarm clocks have also been improved, making them more obvious and gratifying. Using an alarm clock now makes you completely resistant to sleep for 30 seconds, even sleep induced by a Killer hit. By setting your sleep timer yellow and having it tick down, you may now see this effect on the HUD.

With these modifications, we want to encourage Survivors to seek out and utilize alarm clocks, as well as more strategic use of his Dream Traps rather than setting them randomly throughout a pursuit. We’ll keep a close eye on his performance and make adjustments as needed in the future.

The Demogorgon is a demon.

The Demogorgon’s portals will be given greater mobility as a result of our efforts. The following modifications have been made to the basic portals:

  • When you’re in a portal, you’ll notice an increase in speed.

  • After leaving a portal, the cooldown is reduced.

  • Increased After leaving a portal, the length is undetectable.

In addition to these updates, we’ve gone through all of The Demogorgon’s add-ons to make some of the less popular ones more attractive.

The Hunter’s Wife

Don’t worry, The Huntress’ basic kit hasn’t altered. We did, however, give her add-ons a once-over to bring them up to date.

The Twins

Last but not least, we’ve made a few changes to The Twins.

  • After successfully downing a Survivor with Victor, the cooldown has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds.

  • When you take control of Charlotte, you may now instantly regain camera control.

  • When I took control of Charlotte, I increased the length of Silencing Cloth to 20 seconds.

  • When a Survivor crushes an idle Victor, the Exposed duration is increased to 30 seconds.


Small Game

Some of you seem to despise tiny heaps of bones, and we’ve noticed this. We’ve added several long-requested improvements to Small Game: Totem Hunter to assist you in your totem-destroying mission.

  • On the perk, Small Game now displays the amount of remaining totems as tokens.

  • Each totem cleaned reduces the detection range by 5°.

  • Killer traps are no longer detected by Small Game.

Small Game’s capacity to locate and cleanse totems has been improved, and the outdated portion that only applies to certain Killers with traps has been removed.

Lucky Break

To assist you in locating the Killer, Lucky Break now conceals scratch marks in addition to blood pools. The entire length of has been decreased to 70/80/90 seconds to compensate.

Soul Guard

A minor change: Soul Guard now has a 30-second cooldown after activation.

In reality, the overwhelming majority of instances will be unaffected. This modification was made only to prevent healing speeds and Soul Guard from stacking.

Open Handed

For Open Handed, take two: This update has been rescheduled for the next PTB.

Open Handed’s impact has been extended to 8/12/16 meters, however it no longer stacks. This makes the perk more attractive even if it isn’t stacked with other Survivors in the match.

Zanshin Tactics

Zanshin Tactics is now permanently active and has a wider range, which is a simple adjustment.

Borrowed Time

The fear radius requirement has been removed from the perk to eliminate any confusing complexities with how Borrowed Time works with certain Killers and the Oblivious state effect. To compensate, the Endurance effect’s duration has been decreased to 8/10/12 seconds.

Object of Obsession

This PTB now includes the newly redesigned Object of Obsession: You get a 2/4/6 percent boost to healing, mending, and cleaning speed whenever your aura is exposed to the Killer. Your aura is exposed to the Killer for 3 seconds every 30 seconds if you are the fixation.

There are a few advantages to this updated version:

  • Being able to hunt down the Killer is a huge plus.

  • When Object of Obsession activates, you must be able to figure out which aura reading perks the Killer is employing.

  • Being able to draw the Killer’s attention and then flee before they arrive.

It will be fascinating to see how Survivors’ new version of Object of Obsession plays out for both the murderer and the survivor, while Borrowed Time will take some getting used to due to the decreased length of the Endurance effect. What’s interesting is the addition of Small Game, which may be used in the future to hunt out hex like Ruin or No One Escapes Death (NOED) to make the escape a little simpler.

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