Dead Rising 3 is a third-person action game developed by Capcom that released on October 19, 2013 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Dead Rising 3 is the third installment in the Dead Rising franchise and it is the last game in the series to be developed by Capcom Vancouver. As with the previous games, Dead Rising 3 sees players step into the role of Frank West, who has been transported back to the year 2001. This time around, he has a new mission: to rescue young survivors from a zombie outbreak in Los Angeles. There are a number of different weapons in the game for players to choose from. These include assault rifles, shotguns, pipe-style weapons, and swords. There are also a number of different vehicles players

Dead Rising 3 is still a fresh title to gamers and Dead Rising 3 Cheats, Codes & Secrets are going to reveal the secrets of this game.

Yesterday, I completed Dead Rising 3. In this article, I will show you all the in-game cheats, codes and secrets I discovered during my playthrough.

Here are some Dead Rising 3 hacks, codes, and secrets for the Xbox One version of this post-apocalyptic zombie game.

Guide to Achievements:

Name of the achievement What should I do? Points
A Touch of Ambition 1 Attribute may be purchased. 5
Nearly Famous 25 PP Trials must be completed. 25
Apprentice Get to the fifth level. 5
Become a Dickens! Participate in a co-op game. 5
Survivalist Certification Win 25 bronze medals in Survival Training. 5
Collector You may choose from 250 different weapons. 5
Finish the Package Overtime is required. 50
Customizer Make 5 different combinations of vehicles. 5
Visit to the Museum Finish Chapter 5. 20
Driven Drive a total of 20 cars. 5
Master of Duct Tape Make each weapon in a combination. 20
Engineer Collect a total of 50 blueprints. 25
Envious Defeat the survivor who is jealous of you. 25
Expert Get to level 25. 15
Man of the House Finish Chapter 3. 20
Plate de Mode Collect 100 different types of clothes. 5
Banger Gang Take command of a complete posse of five survivors. 5
Zombie Killing Genius 72,000 zombies must be eliminated. 25
Gluttonous Darlene must be defeated. 25
Greedy Albert must be defeated. 25
Camper with a smile Chapter 4 must be completed. 20
Help Is Required 5 survivors should be added to the survivor bulletin board. 10
Journeyman Collect a total of 25 blueprints. 20
Climber on a Ladder Purchase a total of ten Attributes. 10
100,004 people were killed. Kill a total of 100,004 zombies. 30
Hero of the Community One survivor must be saved. 5
Lusty Dylan must be defeated. 25
The People’s Man 15 trapped survivors must be rescued. 10
Master Constructor Compile a total of 100 blueprints. 30
Mechanic Master Make every possible vehicle combination. 10
Master of Genocide Kill a total of 53,597 zombies. 20
Maxed! Get to level 50. 50
Morgue-ified Finish Chapter 2. 10
Master of Nightmares In Nightmare Mode, complete Chapter 7. 75
Planner 5 blueprints must be collected. 15
Hound of Prestige Finish all of the PP Trials. 50
Prestigious 10 PP Trials must be completed. 10
Prideful Jherii must be defeated. 25
Quarantined Complete the first chapter. 10
Sideswiped 20 side tasks must be completed. 10
Slothful You must defeat Theodore. 25
Specialist One attribute should be maxed out. 50
Starter Chapter 0 must be completed. 10
Master of Survival Training Win 25 gold medals in Survival Training. 20
Silver Survival Training Win 25 silver medals in Survival Training. 10
Disciple T.I.O.D. Make a total of 50 combination weapons. 5
The Doctor has left the building. Finish Chapter 6. 30
These are the facts. Fill in the blanks. 30
Wrathful Zhi must be defeated. 25
Butcher of Zombie Kill a thousand zombies. 10
Killer of Zombies Kill a hundred zombies. 5
Slayer of Zombies Kill a total of 10,000 zombies. 15

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Dead Rising 3 is a fun game, but the best way to have fun with it is to get some of the cool cheats, tricks, codes, and secrets found in the game. This page has been written to help you get the most out of your time with Dead Rising 3. If you know of any other useful tips, tricks, cheats, or codes for Dead Rising 3, please let us know.. Read more about dead rising unlimited ammo and let us know what you think.

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