Usually, college students experience constant stress due to outdated approaches to creating an academic schedule. An excessive number of tests, assignments and other activities does not allow them to relax. Luckily, video games can be an effective tool for keeping your nerve cells intact. But what are the secrets of modern RPGs, arcades, and action games? Why are they so effective at reducing stress levels? Here are a few features that will help you find out the truth.

Video Games Are Engaging and Enjoyable

Typically, stress levels rise when students are forced to perform routine college activities. Imagine that you need to write several essays or homework assignments every day. Surely you are tired and want to get some rest at least. Thanks to video games, you can abstract yourself from the educational routine. But how does it work, and why are gamers the happiest people?

When exploring a new world or completing a quest, you become part of a new scenario where there are no papers or picky professors. Instead, you can become an elf, dwarf, warrior, or mage who saves the continents from cataclysms. Completing interesting quests brings a lot of positive emotions. Surely saving the virtual world will bring you more joy than exploring scientific concepts.


Gaming Boosts Dopamine Secretion!

Imagine that you coped with a difficult mission and became a leader in an online game. Surely such an achievement will allow you to feel many positive emotions. But what is the secret of such sensations? The fact is that video games are the perfect booster for your dopamine levels. So the human brain likes strategy, racing, arcade, and other game genres. Unusual brain activity generates dopamine production, and you can feel great.

Students should even delegate their papers to spend more time exploring game worlds in some cases. This strategy is ideal for reducing educational stress. But what to do with your papers (no one said you could forget about them)? How about academic assistance and finding a good writing service? Look for the so-called “pay for homework” services that will handle your assignments quickly. By delegating all your papers, you can concentrate on video games and relax.

A Challenge and Reward System

Challenge is an integral part of the gaming industry. The fact is that all modern games motivate students to complete new levels, open access to new locations, and improve characters’ skills. Unlike the college routine, the gameplay is fun and non-trivial. In addition, games reward gamers with new locations, items, weapons, or gifts. Unlike virtual worlds, real college routines are usually monotonous. You may hear praise from your professor, but only a few students receive such an honor. Games help to feel satisfaction from the path traveled, and this is the most important argument in favor of the modern gaming industry.

Gaming Is Like Meditation

Imagine that you are playing some RPG game like The Witcher 3. Surely you will be delighted with the game design, huge locations, trees, and mountains. The nature of such games is magnificent, and even trivial walks through each location will please you. In a way, gaming can be compared to meditation. You will certainly be able to abstract from the daily routine and enjoy a walk along the snowy slope of the mountain or sailing on a boat between the rocks. Game worlds are the best antidepressants that help students relax and fall asleep after a hard day.

Video Games Give You Instant Rewards

People enjoy positive emotions and instant rewards. Imagine that you defeated a terrible monster that terrorized the village. In gratitude, the locals gave you an elixir of strength that made your character resistant to magic. Such an instant reward will make further gameplay more interesting. The motivation system allows students to enjoy video games and not worry about academic activities. In addition, some rewards significantly improve the gameplay.

Gaming Can Be an Avenue for Creativity and Art

Many students dream of showing their creativity, and games can be a great springboard for such activities. The fact is that academic stress prevents people from concentrating on important things and developing themselves. Through games, they can find an avenue for creativity and art. In addition, many games encourage non-standard approaches to explore levels or unraveling secrets. This creative activity allows your brain to forget about educational stress for a while and enjoy the gameplay.


Modern games are similar to antidepressants because they allow people to forget about the college routine and stress. Moreover, the gameplay allows people to forget about negative emotions and depression, at least for a while. Many psychologists advise people to spend more time in virtual worlds, as such a pastime can reduce stress and strengthen your psyche. Surely you will be glad to forget about the college routine, at least for a while.


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