The Dusk Diver is an amazing character, able to control the element of fire and fight with the element of water, often being referred to as the “Shadewalker”. This guide will provide you information on how to unlock the Dusk Diver and the other 4 shrines in “Dragon Veil Shard” Chapter 7.

As the name suggests, the Dusk Diver is a sub-class of the Dusk Knight that specializes in Shadow Veil. This class is meant to be a sort of hybrid between a Darksider and a Dusk Knight, with the abilities of both sub-classes and the unique skills of the Dusk Knight.

If you are looking for the Dusk Diver, or the Dragon Veil Shard Locations for it, please see this blog post.


Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to find all the dragon sail shards in Chapter 7, Normal/Hard difficulty.

Remember, if you miss the shard for any reason, you can always repeat the mission on Martha’s automaton.
In most cases they are quite simple and easy to find, but for those who are still having difficulties, here is a simple guide to finding them.









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