The year is 2035. You are now an old man with a frail, frail body that is in need of constant attention and care. In particular, your left eye has problems of being exposed to strong light, causing problems such as eye pain and vision impairment. Other than that, you are a healthy old man.

The show floor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is always a place where the latest and greatest in gaming hardware is revealed. But this year, Yang Yang Mobile, a new Taiwanese developer, brought something a bit darker as well. Their debut title, “ESGS 2016: A Horror Visual Novel Game”, is a game that blends horror elements and visual novel gameplay.

Horror is a genre of fiction that often deals with superstitions, the occult, the macabre, or the supernatural, often this includes horror fiction set in the context of fiction that leads to a physical manifestation of the supernatural or of the modern unknown. The supernatural or scary story can be a particular kind of ghost story, or can be a story that is meant to be frightening, such as a story about creatures that cause fear, or a story of likely supernatural events in a real-world setting.

We meet down with John Pineda of Yang Yang Mobile at this year’s ESGS to discuss about a visual novel set in an odd scenario for such a game: horror. 

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