Tarkov can hardly be called an easy project, but everyone is a fan of complex game moments and a shooter close to a real combat simulator, with the physics of bullet flight, a real system of wounds and shooting in general.

You will start out as an operative for a US or Russian private military company depending on your choice.

You will be constantly in search of better equipment and fight against representatives of enemy PMCs and bandits in dangerous zones.

Your starting equipment will be far from ideal, so you should always look for replacements and improvements based on new accessories.

To constantly progress, you need levels for your operative and money, which will open up a lot of opportunities for you.

You’ll be able to pay insurance for some of your equipment so you don’t lose it if you die.

You can buy ammo and accessories using the trading platform if you have enough money. They end up on the market after operatives die and no one takes it in battle.


You can get tarkov power leveling through quests that you can take from different types of non-player characters.

Such missions will increase your level of trust with local factions, which will give you access to more favorable terms of cooperation.

You will be able to access the redemption of more valuable goods and types of weapons and accessories, medicines and the rental of a wild character.

This format allows you not to risk your main operative and choose instead the format of a secondary character, who will have neutrality with all PMCs and bandits and can and should be used to develop the main character and accumulate weapons, equipment and ammunition for your progress.

You need to find everything you need and take it to a peaceful zone in order to fully make them yours.

You will receive Tarkov levels and money, including through the services of a wild character, and increasing the level of trust with merchants will be able to increase the overall time of use and the quality of his equipment.


You can upgrade your agent yourself, or rely on the help of professionals from Skycoach.

You will be asked to access your game account, because this is the only way to ensure continuous leveling from service boosters and not make the entire process dependent on the client’s activity and Internet.

This way you can just get distracted and wait until the performers complete your order and send you a notification that everything is ready, and you can log into your account.

For choosing the Skycoach service, you will receive a reward – all valuable items that were received during the Tarkov boosting process and will be transferred to the client upon completion of the main stage of the order.

Don’t forget to change your password.

In general, you will be provided with all types of guarantees that are possible – refund, anonymity due to VPN, safety of personal data and order fulfillment solely through the efforts of service employees, without transferring personal data to outsiders.


If you have enough Tarkov rubles, then you can pay for insurance for yourself.

If you find a good assault weapon, scope, silencer and other useful devices, then it will be a pity to lose it in case of death.

To prevent this from happening, just pay in Tarkov rubles and get insurance for this combat outing.


This will allow you to keep it in any case and, if you wish, or have stable funds, you will be able to insure everything that is dear to you and abandon the format of wild characters in favor of the main operative, especially when there is a real battle with good equipment.

To get them you need to complete tasks from all types of non-player characters, sell them and other players all unnecessary and extra equipment and receive Tarkov rubles for it.

You can constantly go on forays with wild characters and take out the maximum number of potentially useful items that will help you earn additional money without any particular risks.

Try to develop relationships with local NPCs to get better prices and in return be able to buy back the best items and extend the lease of a wild character with better equipment.

At any time, you can turn to the Skycoach service staff for help and receive any amount of game money that you lack for your tasks.

Just go to the official website of the service, select the amount you require and pay for the order.

Next, a service employee will contact you and discuss the transfer of the paid order.

To ensure that the transaction takes place safely and the game administration does not interfere in the process, Skycoach disguises the transfer as a transaction and asks the player to transfer any low-value item to a service employee, and then the game administration will have less reason to impose penalties on you.

The service provides you with a guarantee of a refund and assistance in solving problems if the game administration suddenly interferes with the subject of the transaction – this is a rare situation, but it can never be excluded and Skycoach is ready to help solve the problem.

Combat Exits

To get new types of weapons, or just the spirit of battle in Tarkov, you need to go to combat exits.

You will not have an interactive map, so remember the landmarks right away.

You will need to enter the danger zone, do your job and exit at the right points.

Do not exchange your ammo for bandits, because the reward from them is minimal, and if they attack with the whole gang, even with poor equipment, the attackers will have a chance to catch a random bullet.

Always be on your guard, because opponents can act either alone or as part of a combat squad.

Look for medicines and always have a supply of them with you – this will help cover the wound and continue your movement without the need to urgently return to base.

Avoid unnecessary fights, because you can die from one bullet and lose literally all your loot, but don’t miss out on destroying the targets themselves from advantageous positions.


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